Change Location on iOS devices to Simulate Real Movement

AWZ AnyPorter can easily your fake GPS and create a customized route on the map. With this location spoofer, it is a breeze to access geo-based services on your iPhone (without jailbreak) in a few clicks. Go enjoy playing AR games like Pokemon Go.
Single-Stop Mode Multi-Stop Mode Jump Teleport Mode

Spoof GPS Location with Virtual Joystick


Try auto-walking to to move on the specified route automatically. Change the directions at any time.

360° Directions

Drop the ball on the outer ring of the joystick to change the directions smoothly.

Keyboard Control

Use shortcut keys W, S to move forward and backward; and A and D to change the directions.

Teleport the GPS Location to Anywhere

Hide location to prevent location tracking

The inbuilt location services on your smartphones may leak location data without even realizing it. If you don’t want to disable the location services, consider creating a virtual location to fake GPS information. Get away from being tracked and protect location privacy.

Mock location to access what’s new on social apps

Some social apps offer features and services based on location information, like Snapchat, Life360, and Find My. Now, change your location settings to access all the features and stay tuned for something fresh.

Fake location for more matches on dating apps

After leafing through all the nearby profiles on dating apps, you still found no matches. Time to meet more people of your interest. Just change your location to any desirable place on Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and other dating apps to overcome cross-regional dating restrictions and find your love. 

Subscribe to customized service

Local service apps will usually send customized push notifications. AWZ AnyPorter can create a virtual location to access location-based services.Geo-blocking/restriction no longer exists.

Want More Amazing Features?

AWZ AnyPorter integrates useful features to meet diversified needs. There’s plenty of fun waiting to be discovered.

Adjustable Moving Speed

Customize the movement speed (max speed limit 30m/s), e.g., walking, cycling, or driving.

Location History

Record your historical locations and routes for easier management.

No Jailbreak

No need to jailbreak your phone to change your location on your iPhone. Safe and convenient.

Set Coordinates

Enter the address or GPS coordinate to reach your destination easily.

Simulate Real Movement

Stimulate both constant and variable speed movement to create an authentic movement.

Customize Moving Methods

Set how many times you decide to move and how you move (back-and-forth or toward the same direction).

3 Steps to Change Your Location

Step 1: Connect Your Device to the Computer.

Tech Specification


1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)

Computer OS

Windows: 11/10/8.1/8/7


256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)


iOS 7 and above

FAQS about AWZ AnyPorter

Q:Can I spoof my iPhone location without jailbreak?

Yes, you can fake GPS without jailbreak. It can change your location with the GPS spoofer on iOS devices flexibly and easily, AWZ AnyPorter. The intuitive UI design and functionality are certain to impress you deeply.

Q:How do I fake my location on Find My?

With AWZ AnyPorter, you can share a virtual location on the app Find My in just 3 clicks. Install and launch this GPS spoofing app > connect your iOS/Android device to the computer via USB cable > select your desired destination and you can fake your location successfully!

Q:Can I change the GPS location on Pokemon GO?

Yes, you can effortlessly alter your GPS location on Pokemon GO to anywhere you like all around the world with AWZ AnyPorter. Besides, this Pokemon GO spoofer allows you to simulate natural movement along your customized routes through its Single-Stop mode or Multi-Stop mode so that you can just stay at home to catch more Pokemon and hatch eggs!

Q:How do location changes work?

The GPS chip, when activated, constantly updates your position by passing coordinates to your phone's operating system (OS). The OS then distributes such information to programs needing location data. To avoid latent location tracking, you'll need a location spoofer, like AWZ AnyPorter, to fake GPS, and such applications only accept bogus GPS data.

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