Pokemon rare candy is an important item to power up rare Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO. After all, it is quite tricky to obtain corresponding candies to power up or evolve your Pokemon, especially legendary Pokemon. Then you may need to know how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO fast.

how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO

Rare candies are necessary for Pokemon evolution and trainers are looking for different ways to collect those special items for cultivating their beloved Pokemon. In this guide, AWZtool elaborates on how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO. Get down to the nitty-gritty of getting more rare candies in the game!

What Does Rare Candy Do in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO’s rare candies are consumable items that share the same usage as candies. The only difference is that these items can replace any type of candies to feed all Pokemon species. Pokemon Rare candy can be used to power up Pokemon, make them evolve, and unlock the second charged attack. This special Pokemon candy is usually given as a reward for winning a battle or completing certain tasks.

As you’ve known what rare candy does in the game, let’s dive deeper into the question “how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO” in the following section to get more Pokemon evolved.

How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

Do Field Research

Do Field Research

For how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO, one of the best ways is to complete field research. Every day, PokeStops from different locations give players a new quest with various rewards available, including Pokemon rare candy. To receive the task of rewarding rare candy in Pokemon GO, utilize a good Pokemon GO scanner that displays the real-time information of all candies in the game around you. Then take a trip to the PokeStop and collect the task to get candies fast in Pokemon GO.

Win Walking Rewards

Win Walking Rewards

The Adventure Sync feature tracks your traveled kilometers and gives a bonus for reaching weekly milestones. This enables you to get rare candies fast in Pokemon GO. You may receive 1 Pokemon rare candy for walking 25 km and 5 rare candies for walking 50 km. However, they are not guaranteed. If you want to know the guaranteed way for how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO, the next method is recommended.

Join Trainer Battle

Join Trainer Battle

The two methods we’ve discussed above are easy-to-follow but provide limited numbers of Pokemon GO rare candies. If you wonder how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO fastly and unlimitedly, joining trainer battles is the optimal way.

You can claim particular rewards for each win in the GO Battle League. As long as your Pokemon are strong enough, you can unlock different rewards with subsequent wins. It is the fastest way to get rare candies in Pokemon GO and you can win unlimited Pokemon rare candies during the GO Battle League seasons. Three rare candies will be rewarded for four wins. Besides, you can go for Premium rewards to collect six Pokemon rare candies with a subsequent four wins.

Participate in Raid Battle

Participate in Raid Battle

Defeating the Raid bosses also helps you earn special items and it is a common method for how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO fast. Those special items may include Pokemon rare candy, Golden Razzberries, and Revives. Based on the difficulty of the raid, you can get Pokemon GO rare candy as a possible reward to power up your Pokemon.

Level Up

Level Up

Players will be rewarded with one Rare Candy XL from levels 41 to 49, and two when becoming level 50. Pokemon Rare Candy XL is one of the rarest items in the game and upgrading your character is the easiest way to obtain the special item. Leveling up your trainer to pursue those rare candies!

How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon GO Effortlessly [Recommended]

Among all the listed methods for how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO, winning field research and walking rewards may be the easiest ways to collect Pokemon rare candy. However, not every PokeStop or Gym can assign tasks with rare candies as rewards and bad weather can always spoil your plan. Then you need a useful Pokemon GO spoofer to trick the game and get more rare candies in Pokemon GO.

AWZ AnyPorter is a multifunctional Pokemon GO spoofing app that enables you to trick the AR game without jailbreaking. When you access the coordinates of the PokeStop that have tasks rewarding Pokemon rare Candy, it is a five-finger exercise to change your location to the position regardless of the city and country. Besides, it can simulate your movement to let the in-game character auto-walk to get walking rewards while staying at home.

Read on to see how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO with this location changer:

Step 1: Download and install the program on your PC. Then double-click it to launch it;



Step 2: Tap Get Started to load the map. Click on the phone-like icon and connect your device to the computer via a USB cable. Then unlock your device to allow the connection;
AWZ AnyPorter
Step 3: When your device shows in the Pokemon GO spoofer, select Next and you are ready to get Pokemon rare candy;

Step 4: Copy and paste the coordinates of the PokeStop or Gym to the search bar and hit the GO button. Tap on the Move button to change your location to the destination.
AWZ AnyPorter
Then you can spin the PokeStop to get the task and win rare candy in Pokemon GO. If you want to earn the walking rewards without walking, check the article below to learn how to auto-walk in the game:

To Sum Up

We have introduced five practices for how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO fastly. With these methods, you can accumulate Pokemon rare candies in a short time for your Pokemon level-up and evolution. Make your Pokemon stronger and win battles!

If you want to collect Pokemon rare candy by doing field research, AWZ Anyporter excels in teleporting your current location to any coordinates in the world without worrying about soft bans. Give it a try and get rare candies fast in Pokemon GO.




Is there a way to buy Rare Candies?

content:No, you cannot buy rare candies in Pokemon GO. Pokemon rare candy is a special item that can only be obtained by participating in field research, raid battles, and trainer battles. It is not sold in the Pokemon Shop. In addition, you can collect rare candy XL as a reward for reaching levels 41 to 49. This is another way for how to get rare candy in Pokemon GO is by leveling up.


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