• Part 1: How to Change GPS Location to Anywhere in the World

    With the help of AWZ AnyPorter, you can flexibly spoof your location on your phone for the purpose of security and recreation. Read the following steps to learn how to change your GPS location with this app. 

    Step 1: Launch AWZ AnyPorter

    Start this location spoofer on your phone and press Get Started.

    Step 2: Connect to Your Computer

    Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable. Unlock your phone and click Trust on your device to continue.

    Step 3: Select a New Destination

    After the map is loaded, your current location will be displayed on the main screen and you are in Flight Mode by default, which means you can change your location by selecting a new spot. Pinpoint any place you like on the map or enter an address or coordinates in the search box in the top-left corner. Hit the Go button.

    Step 4: Change the GPS location in 1 click

    A sidebar will pop up to show detailed information about your current location and destination. Tap Move in the sidebar.

    Then your GPS location on your phone is successfully changed. All your location-based applications will remember the faked GPS location as well!

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  • Part 2: How to Simulate GPS Movement with Single-Stop Mode

    AWZ AnyPorter provides a service to simulate natural movement along a route between two fixed positions.

    Step 1: Select Single-Stop Mode

    Go to Single-Stop Mode in the top-right corner (the second icon) and a sidebar will be displayed.

    Step 2: Set your starting and endpoints

    The starting point is your current location by default. You can also pinpoint two new positions or enter the addresses or coordinates in the sidebar. In addition, you can also customize the moving speed, the number of times for the movement, and moving methods.

    Step 3: Start Your Virtual Journey

    Click Move when everything is set up. Your position will move along the automatically generated path. Once the movement finishes, a prompt is Completed! will pop up.

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  • Part 3: How to Simulate GPS Movement with Multi-Stop Mode

    If you want to generate a path with multiple spots, then the multi-stop mode of the AWZ AnyPorter is a good choice.

    Step 1: Select Multi-Stop Mode

    Choose Multi-Stop Mode in the upper right corner (the first icon from the left).

    Step 2: Customize Your Multi-Stop Route

    In the Multi-Stop Route window, enter addresses or coordinates to locate the spots. Or you can directly choose the places by dragging and clicking the map. If needed, customize a preferable route and go ahead. 

    Step 3: Start to Move

    Click Move and your spot will start moving along the generated path. You can press the Pause button at any time you want to stop.

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  • Part 4: How to Create Closed-curve Routes

    In the “Jump Teleport Mode” and “Multi-Stop Mode”, you can select multiple spots (at least more than one) and connect the starting point and end point to create a closed-curve route. No matter whether these two points are far from each other or nearby, a click on the icon can automatically align these two dots on the map.

  • Part 5: How to Change GPS with Virtual Joystick

    AnyPorter has introduced a virtual joystick to improve the user experience and flexibility, allowing you to walk toward the destination in any way you want. However, it is not a real joystick, which enables you to move randomly. To get the hang of this virtual joystick, read the following content:

    Step 1: Enter the Virtual Joystick Mode

    Navigate to the top right of the software. Choose the second mode - the  Virtual Joystick Mode.

    Step 2: Start your exploration on the map!

    In the joystick mode, you can see a virtual joystick on the left bottom. Drag the ball on the outer ring to change the 360-degree direction. Alternatively, click on the left and right arrows to set the orientation as well. When ready, adjust the walking speed with the shift lever. Then, press the “Auto-walking” button at the center of the joystick. Now your coordinates start to change in a certain direction.

  • Part 6: How to Access Jump Teleport Mode

    If all you need is instantaneous movement between multiple selected locations, then the “Jump Teleport Mode” would be your go-to option. For instance, if you need to move from Los Angeles to New York city, then follow the steps:

    Step 1: Select the Jump Teleport Mode in the top-right settings;

    Step 2: Enter the addresses or coordinates in the search bar or click on the spots on the map;

    Step 3: Hit the Move button to pass by every spot you have set.

    Tips: AnyPorter offers an Auto Jump option to let Pokemon Go users automatically jump to the next location when the cooldown ends.

  • Part 7: How to Import/Export GPX File

    A GPX file contains necessary geographic information, such as waypoints, tracks, and routes. If you need to import or export a GPX file to change your location quickly and automatically, here’s how to do it in AnyPorter:

    Import a GPX file:

    After you’ve launched the program, ensure the connection is okay. When everything is set, locate where the GPX file is and click “Import GPX” to load the existing GPX route in AnyPorter.

    Export a GPX file:

    Select a mode from the top-right settings. Only in “Jump Teleport Mode”, “Single-stop Route”, and “Multi-stop Route” can you export a GPX file to the local folder. That means you cannot save the GPX file when using the joystick control.

  • Part 8: How to Add Places or Routes to My Favorites

    In AnyPorter, you can add both a place and a route to “My Favorites” for future use.

    Save places to My Favorites

    By default, your current location is displayed and flickers on the screen. When you select a teleport mode, your coordinates are shown on the left-side menu. Click on the star icon to book the location. If you need to view all the places you’ve starred, navigate to the right-sidebar and choose “My Favorites”.

    Save routes to My Favorites

    If you need to add a commonly used route to “My Favorites”, pick the spots you like to generate a route. Then tap the indicated icon below to add the route to “My Favorites”.

  • Part 9: How to Make Full Use of Cooldown Timer

    To avoid soft bans in some location-based AR games, such as Pokemon Go, a cooldown timer is all you need. AnyPorter is equipped with such a useful tool to create a smoother game-playing experience.

    By clicking on the hopper icon, you can access the cooldown timer. Then, a timer will show up in the top center to demonstrate when you can perform the next action in the game. The further you walk, the longer you have to wait for the countdown. When the countdown is over, go ahead. Otherwise, you’re facing soft bans.

    For more information about the cooldown timer, this post is helpful:

  • Part 10: How to Activate Fluctuation Mode

    To avoid being detected as cheating, AnyPorter releases a fluctuation mode to simulate natural walking. When you arrive at the desired spot and activate the mode, your geo-position will move back and forth within a certain radius.