Do you find your Google Maps location sharing is not updating? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It seems to be a widespread issue that happens to many devices regardless of the manufacturers, particularly when you replace your old phone with a new one. Then you may have a problem: how can I update my location on Google Maps when it doesn’t work? The answer is right in this article!

Google Maps location sharing is not updating


Google Maps allows you to share your minute-by-minute location during a period with the desired person, in an attempt to provide a higher layer of safety or let him/her find the way to you. It’s a classic feature used everywhere. However, when Google Maps location sharing is not updating, you need simple fixes to the glitch. AWZtool provides 6 troubleshooting methods to deal with this problem. Let’s dive deeper into this article to know them!

Why Is Google Maps Location Sharing Not Updating

There might be several reasons concerning why is your location sharing not updating. But before we jump into the solutions, it is better to make sure you meet the following 3 conditions to let Google Maps properly update your shared location:

  • Connect to a network;
  • Activate Location Services;
  • Allow background activity for this app.

Check the 3 aspects first when you find your Google Maps location sharing is not updating. If you have no clue about the steps to locate these features, the next part will give you detailed tutorials.

3 Checks Before Resorting to the Fixes

* Check Your Network Connections

When you are informed that Google Maps location sharing is offline, airplane mode might be activated or your device fails to connect to the network. Try to turn off airplane mode or reconnect to the Wi-Fi or cellular data you use.

* Check Whether You Enable Location Services

When Google Maps location sharing is not updating on your iPhone, check if you activate location services:

Step 1: Click Settings > Google Maps;

Step 2: Tap Location Services > Always.

When this app doesn’t update your location on your Android device, follow the easy steps below:

Step 1: Select Settings > Location > Location services;

Step 2: Navigate to Google Maps and choose Allow all the time.

* Check If You Allow Google Maps to Use in Background

If you don’t permit this app to work in the background, then once the app is force-stopped, it won’t update your location to the recipient.

For iPhone users:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh;

Step 2: Find this app and switch the toggle.

Note: If the Background App Refresh feature is grayed, it means your device is in Low Power Mode. You need to turn it off first to proceed to the next step.

For Android users:

Step 1: Click Settings > App management > App list;

Step 2: Locate the app and click Battery usage. Then enable Allow background activity.

If your Google Maps location sharing is not updating yet, apply the simple fixes to see whether the location-sharing feature works.

Simple Fixes to Google Maps Location Sharing Issue

* Improve Google Maps Location Accuracy

After activating location accuracy, your phone uses GPS satellites rather than Wi-Fi or nearby cell towers to locate you so that Google Maps can accurately find your position in time. When location accuracy is switched off, the app could not work correctly and refresh your location.

For iPhone users:

Step 1: Head to Settings and choose Google Maps;

Step 2: Click Location, then turn on Precise Location.
Improve location sharing accuracy on iPhone when Google Maps location sharing is not updating
For Android users:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Location > Location Services;

Step 2: Select Google Location Accuracy > Google Location Accuracy;

Step 3: Turn back to Location > Maps > App Permission;

Step 4: Click Location > Use precise location.

That’s the simple fix regarding Google Maps location sharing not updating. Now you can send your location to a friend and test whether it works.

Reinstall/Clear the Cache on Google Maps

Google Maps will retain information about your whereabouts, search history, and so on in the cache. On some occasions, the saved data may be outdated or get corrupted, leading to the app being unable to refresh your location. You can simply clear the cache in this application to fix this bug:

For iPhone users:

Step 1: Navigate to Google Maps and click the profile icon;

Step 2: Choose Settings > About, terms & privacy > Clear application data.
Clear the cache on Google Maps when Google Maps location sharing is not updating
For Android users:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps > Mange apps;

Step 2: Find Google Maps > Storage > Clear data;

Step 3: Choose Clear cache and press OK.

When the task is completed, open this program to see if the glitch is resolved. Optionally, deleting this software and reinstalling it is also practical.

* Restart Your Device

Restarting your phone is another direct way to fix Google Maps location sharing not updating problem. This easy method can clear RAM and other temporary files. Then your phone can start with a fresh slate, and apps can launch and load faster, enabling you to update your location on Google Maps properly.

Though sharing your real-time location can let your family or friends know you arrive home safely, it puts your location privacy at risk, especially when you allow this app to send your location information to others all the time. By the way, being monitored 24/7 sometimes is unpleasant. Then why don’t you use a mock location app to set a fake GPS location on Google Maps?

Extra Tip: Manually Set A Fake Location on Google Maps

AWZ AnyPorter is a standalone location changer capable of setting a detailed fake location on any location-based app. If you prize your location privacy but find it pressured to turn off location sharing on Google Maps for some reason, this tool is optimal for you. It allows you to:

  • Change your location in any place across the world without jailbreaking;
  • 100% secure and won’t be detected;
  • Stably work with all popular location-based apps;
  • Offer a free trial for every user.

Plus, in case your Google Maps location sharing is still not updating after trying those easy fixes we mentioned above, this program could help you manually set your current spot to refresh your location.

Let’s take you through a complete guide to fake your location on Google Maps using this software:

Step 1: Launch AWZ AnyPorter on your PC
How to fake your location on Google Maps
Free download and install this application. Then open it and click Get Started.


Step 2: Connect your phone to the computer

Use a USB cable to plug your device into the computer. Unlock your phone and click Next shown on the monitor. Turn to your phone, hit Trust, and enter the passcode.

Step 3: Choose a location on the map
How to fake your location on Google Maps
After the map is loaded, drag and zoom in on the map to select an accurate location. Finally, press Move.

The job is done! You will find your location on Google Maps is changed to the new destination.

Final Verdict

It could be frustrating that Google Maps location sharing is not updating after you send your location to others. In this article, we come up with 4 simple fixes to squeeze this bug and hope your problem can be solved. In addition, if you are concerned about your privacy when you want to fake your location on your iPhone without others knowing, AWZ AnyPorter can fake a location to protect you.

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