In this article, we will explain two foolproof methods on how to change location on Android for online gaming, internet freedom, and high security. Our comprehensive post will walk you through the detailed process, ensuring you have the knowledge to modify your GPS location effectively and enjoy the benefits it brings. Let’s get started.

How to change location on Android

Advanced technology makes it easier to share your virtual location with others and inform them of your availability in a specific region. However, besides the perks, technology also has its share of loopholes, where you can fall prey to stalkers, hackers, identity thieves, or other dangers. Here, you can set your location on Android and spoof your region to increase your online privacy, access geo-restricted content, and use different features of social or dating apps.

1. How to Change GPS Location on Android

The Mock Locations app is an interactive map that lets you change your phone location to another country without hassle and lets you set your location for all the applications installed on your device. The app is a great assistant if you want to fake your GPS locations on Grindr and other dating apps to meet new people. Instead of just asking you to manually input some points and create a route through those points, it calculates an actual route along real roads. So, you can make a complex fake GPS path with just two points.

Change GPS location

Check how to change location on an Android phone using the Mock Locations app.

Step 1: Download the Mock Locations app on your phone and turn your phone's Developer option to ON.

Step 2: Go to Settings and click About Phone. For Android versions 8.0.0/8.1.0, click System.

Step 3: Find the build number and click it seven times. Once the Developer option is enabled, a message will appear displaying, "You are now a developer."

Step 4: Return to the device's Settings and click Developer Options.

Step 5: Click on the Select Mock Location App option. Choose your GPS-changing app (i.e., Mock Locations app.)

2. How to Change Device Location on Android with VPN

VPN is another safe method to change the device location and spoof it on your Android phone. It is also beneficial in many cases. For instance, it offers high-level protection at all times. Many VPN providers are available in the market. Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or AtlasVPN are convenient options.

Surfshark is a reliable and safe VPN that can change your phone's location in 100 countries, hiding your IP addresses. It is a renowned VPN that enables you to mask your location by hiding your IP address and changing GPS locations.

Learn how to change location on your Android phone using Surfshark VPN.

Step 1: Open the Surfshark app from your Android phone. Access the Settings menu within the app.

Step 2: Toggle the Override GPS Location option to ON. In the pop-up menu, select Let's Go > Open Settings.

Change IP location

Step 3: Find and open About Phone in your Android's Settings menu. Search and find your device's build number.

Step 4: Tap seven times on your phone's build number, and you will see a message that indicates you are in Developer Mode.

Step 5: Open the Surfshark app again. Click the arrow and select Open Settings again.

Step 6: Click on Select Mock Location App > Surfshark. Next, go back to the Surfshark app.

If you want to look for more VPN options, this article can help you:

VPN location changer

Extra Part: How to Change Location on iOS

You have learned the two best ways to change your GPS location on Android using a third-party app, Mock Locations, and a VPN, i.e., Surfshark VPN. However, if you have switched to iOS and need a concrete solution to change your location on the new device, you can use AWZ AnyPorter without a thought.

AWZ AnyPorter is a reliable tool that lets you flexibly spoof your location on your iOS device for security and recreation. It can spoof the GPS of up to five devices at once to travel to any place. This program allows you to move along a customized route and explore the unknown. In fact, AWZ AnyPorter also enables you to auto-walk in Pokemon Go to move along a customized route and simulate real movement.

Let's learn the process of changing phone location to another country using AWZ AnyPorter.

Step 1: Launch AWZ AnyPorter on your phone and click Get Started.

Step 2: Connect your phone and PC. Unlock the iOS device and tap Trust to continue.

Step 3: Once the map loads, your screen will display your current location. You will be in Flight Mode, which makes it easier to change your phone location to another country.

Step 4: Select a new spot on the map or enter a GPS address in the search box at the top. Click the Go button.

Step 5: A sidebar displaying detailed information about your current location will pop up. Click Move in the sidebar to change your GPS location.

How to change GPS location with AWZ AnyPorter

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to change the location on your Android device helps you gain control of your privacy and other activities without compromising security. If you do not want Android apps to access your location, you can easily change it in permissions or settings. However, if you want to spoof your geo-location, you must use a third-party app or reliable VPN to appear in a different regional area and mask your IP address.

You have learned how to change the location on Android with the two best ways. However, if you want to change your region or location on iOS devices without jailbreaking, AWZ AnyPorter can be your best bet. This program is 100% compatible with all iOS devices and even works well with geo-based services like AR games, dating apps, and social platforms.


How do I change my location on my Galaxy?

Samsung users can easily change GPS location on Android by registering for a Samsung account. However, be careful, as changing the country will not only sign you out of your account but also delete necessary information like product and service history, SmartThings data, and Samsung Rewards information.

Check these steps to change the country associated with your Samsung account.

Step 1: On the Samsung account dashboard, go to Profile. Click Edit personal information.

Step 2: Under Country or region, select your current country. Then, select your updated country and click Change.

Step 3: If you acknowledge and agree to the changes that will be made to your account, select I understand some account data may be lost.

Step 4: Click Change. Enter your password, then click Confirm.

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