Accessing your X account without logging in may become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in account access requirements. But many of you may wonder: Can you view certain activities, and why can't you? Certain Twitter restrictions limit your ability to view Twitter without an account.

view twitter without account


This AWZTool article offers three practical ways to help you view Twitter posts, profiles, threads, comments, or other content.

Can You View Twitter Without an Account?

Earlier, before 2009, when the partnership between Google and Twitter began, users could easily explore and view Twitter anonymously without an account. It allowed users to see Twitter profiles without logging in and do Twitter searches without an account. This was done by embedding Twitter's widgets on Google's search results pages.

List of contents users can view without an account before:

  • View any public X profile and see all the tweets in order
  • Visit the Twitter Explore page to see trending topics and hashtags
  • Use the Twitter search bar to find accounts and some of their tweets
  • See a user's profile picture and username
  • Threads, replies, comments, and likes

Sadly! Since 1 July 2023, you can't view Twitter without an account, and searching on Twitter without an account is not available via Google if you have not logged in. But the question is, why can't you view it anymore? The reason is that Google and Twitter have ended their partnership, which allowed users to see Twitter profiles without logging in. This is done to give users more control over their privacy, and the company also wanted to focus on its platforms.

Here's a list of content Twitter doesn't allow access to now without login, especially those before you can view. It prohibits guest users from:

  • Accessing the Twitter Explore page
  • Viewing recent tweets from specific X users
  • Leaving comments, using the like or repost feature, or bookmarking your favorite tweet
  • Seeing the discussion/comment section
  • Seeing the posts in reverse chronological order
  • Using the search feature
  • Seeing the trends card section on the profile page

Also, remember that some profiles may not be accessible without an account. You cannot find the accounts you can view.

The termination of Google and Twitter's partnership implies that viewing a user's Twitter profile now requires logging in. While inconvenient for some, it aligns with Twitter's aim to empower users with greater privacy control. Respecting Twitter's decision acknowledges its commitment to safeguarding user privacy and enhancing platform security.

However, you can view a Twitter account without logging in using some reliable methods. Here are the best three ways to help you. Have a look.

View Twitter Without Account via URL Typing

One of the easiest and best ways to view a Twitter account is by typing the URL. This method lets you view a Twitter profile, posts, and media files without an account. However, this method has certain drawbacks. For example, you can't view the posts in order, and sometimes, the sign in the window can pop up in this way. Also, using this method, you won't be able to reply, repost, like, or view count of the post unless you create a Twitter account and sign up or log in using your credentials.

Here's how to view a Twitter account without logging in to your account.

Step 1: Launch and open your web browser on the device;

Step 2: Type in the address bar to start your Twitter view without an account;

Step 3: Press Enter, and the search results will appear without the need for an account.

view twitter without account via URL typing

How to View Twitter Without an Account by Google Search

Using Google Search is also a way to see/browse Twitter without an account. Google indexes a significant portion of Twitter's public content, making it possible to search for tweets, users, and topics using the search engine. It is beneficial to look for older tweets or content from specific users. However, this method has limitations, like posts not being displayed in order.

Here's how to view Twitter without an account using the Google Search method.

Step 1: Open Google Search in your web browser;

Step 2: Use the following search operators to find Twitter content:

  • "": This operator limits search results to content from Twitter;
  • "from:@username": Replace "username" with a specific Twitter handle to find tweets from that user;
  • "to:@username": Replace "username" with a particular Twitter handle to find tweets sent to that user;
  • "@username": Use this operator to find mentions of a specific Twitter handle;
  • "#hashtag": Search for a specific hashtag;

Step 3: Combine the search operators with your keywords to refine your search. For example: " from:@elonmusk SpaceX";

Step 4: Press Enter to view the search results.

view twitter without account by Google search

Read Twitter Without Account Using TwStalker

When you are unable to view someone's Twitter without an account using either of the above two methods, then the website called TwStalker can come in handy. This site allows you to view your Twitter page, including posted tweets, threads, videos, and pictures without a Twitter account for free. Furthermore, you can download media files from Twitter posts. However, you cannot see likes, user comments, etc.

Here's how you can use TwStalker to view Twitter accounts without logging in.

Step 1: Open TwStalker on your web browser;

Step 2: Type a username in the search field to view the Twitter account you are interested in;

Step 3: Press Enter to view the search results.

view twitter without account using TWStalker

While the TwStalker site lets you see Twitter accounts hassle-free, the downside of using the website to view Twitter without an account must be kept in mind. For example, you may see ads leading to malicious links.

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Record Twitter Videos or Posts for Later Watching

Now, you have various ways to view a Twitter account without signing in. You can use any method to view a Twitter account and its posts without creating an account on X. Feel free to screen record Twitter with or without audio using the AWZ Screen Recorder.

record twitter videos or posts for later viewing

Use the URL Typing method, Google Search, or simply go to the TwStalker site to view Twitter without an account and record, edit, or save posts without hassle. AWZ Screen Recorder is a powerful yet easy-to-use screen recording software that enables you to create high-quality videos by capturing any part of your computer screens with just a few clicks.

Despite using these foolproof methods, you may be required to save the post for future use or reference. Here's how AWZ Screen Recorder can help you with its capabilities to view Twitter without an account. These are just a few features, but there's more to this powerful software to help you record, edit, and save your screen activities.

  • Record the screen displaying the Twitter posts to save them all together
  • Record any part of the screen: Full-screen or customized region in high-quality
  • Use annotation tools like arrows, lines, shapes, etc., to personalize presentations
  • Take screenshots to capture images from any part of the screen
  • Record audio to make your recordings more personalized


Final Words

Users are no longer able to view Twitter without an account as Twitter is requiring login currently. However, we have shared three reliable workarounds for looking at Twitter without an account. You can use any of them to view Twitter posts and record them with AWZ Screen Recorder for future use.


Q1. How do I view a private Twitter account without following?

You can view private Twitter accounts without following them by applying the appropriate methods. However, these methods may not allow you to do more than viewing the posts. Moreover, there's a risk of malware and privacy due to ads and malicious links, so be cautious when using such ways.

Q2. Can I view age-restricted Twitter without an account?

Yes, anyone can see age-restricted content on Twitter most of the time. Whether logged into the account or not, Twitter will let you view the sensitive content with warnings. However, in some cases, you may be required to log into your account to change the settings to be able to see sensitive content.

Here are some methods through which you can simply view such explicit content on this social media platform.

#1: Press the View Profile Button to Access Sensitive Content

#2: Click on the View Option under the Age-Restricted Post

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