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Skylly has been working as an editor at AWZtool since she graduated from university. Her aim to assist users in solving problems through her articles. In addition, she enjoys making friends and listening to music after work.


Having worked in the tech industry for years, Skylly has amassed extensive experience in writing the most beneficial article instructions, including how-to guides and software reviews. She is devoted to continuously enhancing her skills and contributing positively to users to resolve common computer problems.


Skylly graduated in English Translation with an undergraduate degree. After four years of systematic language study and extra instruction at AWZtool, she is capable of writing useful English articles based on her IT knowledge to assist users in resolving a variety of issues.


In her personal life, Skylly finds joy in various creative pursuits. She has a passion for writing articles expressing her thoughts through words. Additionally, Skylly finds solace and inspiration in drawing, using it as a form of relaxation. Amidst these creative endeavors, her greatest source of happiness lies in spending quality time with her family.

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