For every professional Pokemon trainer, catching all the Pokemon is the ultimate goal. iSpoofer was the best assistance for faking locations in this game freely and helping players find more Pokemon in seconds without going outside. However, since this Pokemon GO spoofer has been banned, many of its subscribers are wondering how to spoof Pokemon GO locations without it.

how to spoof Pokemon GO

To spoof your location in Pokemon GO, useful alternatives to iSpoofer are essential so that you won’t be detected as cheating. Here are several alternative Pokemon GO location spoofing apps to help you, including a reliable one provided by AWZtool. Read on to see how to spoof Pokemon GO locations on iOS and Android with or without a computer.

How to Spoof Pokemon GO with a Computer

A desktop Pokemon GO location spoofer outperforms a mobile one. Desktop apps can better safeguard your privacy, and there is no need to switch from one app to another. Moreover, if your phone lacks device space, you don’t have to spend more time micromanaging the storage. Let’s find out how to spoof Pokemon GO locations with functional alternatives to iSpoofer.

1. AWZ AnyPorter (iOS)

AWZ AnyPorter is a dedicated Pokemon GO spoofer which enables iPhone users to spoof locations in Pokemon GO freely. Apart from simply picking a preferable point on the map, you can use its "Single-Stop Mode" or "Multi-Stop Mode" to naturally simulate the movement along a route. Wild Pokemon can be found and caught while moving. There is no need to jailbreak your phone to enjoy its easy-to-use features.

Major features:

  • Trick Pokemon GO easily without being banned;
  • Teleport to the best Pokemon GO coordinates with one click;
  • Move toward any direction flexibly with a virtual jostick.

Check out how to spoof Pokemon GO locations with this app:

Step 1: Open this Pokemon GO location spoofing app on Windows after downloading and installing it;

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB and unlock the device to allow the access from PC. Then agree to the terms and click Get Started;

AWZ AnyPorterStep 3: When the map is loaded, click the phone icon and choose Next to complete the connection. Then you are in the Flight Mode by default;

AWZ AnyPorterStep 4: Tap on the map to choose a position. In the Change Your Location window on the left, hit the Move tab to fake the GPS location for Pokemon GO.

AWZ AnyPorterNow your location in Pokemon GO is changed immediately! As a great alternative to iSpoofer for iOS, AWZ AnyPorter is an excellent solution for how to spoof Pokemon GO. Besides, this program is good at faking locations to stop location tracking from social networking apps as well. You can easily fake GPS on Grindr, Snapchat, and Hinge. All your used spots will be recorded for better management.

Note:Frequently changing locations can get you punished for cheating and even result in a permanent ban. It is better to wait for several minutes before your next spoofing in Pokemon GO.

2. Dr.Fone (Android)

If you are an Android user and want to know how to spoof Pokemon GO with a desktop application, Dr.Fone is another good alternative to iSpoofer. This popular Pokemon GO spoofing app can spoof your location in this game in the blink of an eye.

The way to use this Pokemon GO location spoofing tool is shown below:

Step 1: Launch it and connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable;

Step 2: Press Get Started then hit Next in the lower right corner. Select Teleport Mode after the map is loaded;

Step 3: Enter an address in the search bar and the map will switch to your target location. Tap Move Here in the dialogue to spoof your location in Pokemon GO.

Dr.FoneThis is how to spoof Pokemon GO with the Dr. Fone Pokemon GO location spoofer, and it’s easy to master all the features of this program.

How to Spoof Pokemon GO without a Computer

Though a desktop program has better performance than a mobile app in many aspects, it is less portable when you are outside. Hence, we’ve discovered two Pokemon GO spoofing apps on mobile devices to replace iSpoofer. The following content demonstrates how to spoof Pokemon GO directly on your phone.

1. iOS Roaming Guide (iOS)

Just as its name implies, iOS Roaming Guide is a free Pokemon GO location spoofer for iOS users to alter their locations on location-based programs easily. This Pokemon GO spoofer is very easy to use. Yet it has a major drawback: you need to jailbreak your phone first.

The method for how to spoof Pokemon GO with this app is as below:

Step 1: Open iOS Roaming Guide on your device;

Step 2: Drag and click on the map to drop a pin on the location you like;

Step 3: Hit the arrow icon beside the location information above the pin, and select the Chinese characters in the menu to spoof Pokemon GO.

iOS Roaming Guide

When you open Pokemon GO, you can see the GPS location has been successfully altered to the selected position. But take care that common users of this app can be banned by Niantic.

2. Fake GPS (Android)

Speaking of how to spoof Pokemon GO locations without the help of a computer on the Android system, Fake GPS is a functional app to spoof in Pokemon GO and teleport your location to anywhere in the world with a single click.

Here are some steps you can follow to spoof your location in Pokemon GO:

Step 1: Launch this location spoofer;

Step 2: Tap the search box on the top, enter an address, and hit the OK button to finish the task to spoof your location in Pokemon GO. You can also enter coordinates to set the location.

Fake GPS

Then the work is done swiftly! You can find that your location in Pokemon GO is shown on the new destination. However, it is worth noting that this app sometimes doesn’t work on other location-based apps, even though it shows that you have been successfully teleported to the destination.

Why iSpoofer Is No Longer Available

After demonstrating how to spoof Pokemon GO, you might be curious about the discontinued Pokemon GO location spoofing app iSpoofer.

According to the terms and conditions of Pokemon GO, using third-party applications to play this game is considered cheating. The player’s account will be suspended temporarily or permanently once detected. iSpoofer breached the terms, and a number of its subscribers got banned when using its services. As a result, this application is no longer available.

That’s why players need a safer Pokemon GO spoofer as the replacement for iSpoofer to safely spoof locations in Pokemon GO without being banned.


Due to the unavailability of iSpoofer, players are seeking effective alternatives to this Pokemon GO spoofer to solve their problem of how to spoof Pokemon GO. With the ability to fake locations on your iPhone, the AWZ AnyPorter app is undoubtedly optimal for completing the task with only a few clicks. Android users can use Dr.Fone or Fake GPS to catch Pokemon freely while staying at home. And iOS Roaming Guide is good for jailbroken iPhones.

What is the safest way to spoof Pokemon GO?

content:The safest way to spoof Pokemon GO is using an unmodified Pokemon GO location spoofer like AWZ AnyPorter. As a standalone location changer, this app doesn’t change or alter any data in the original app and won’t require jailbreaking which can put your device privacy at risk. It even has a Pokemon GO cooldown timer to inform you when you can perform the next spoofing in the game. It is one of the best methods for how to spoof Pokemon GO safely.
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