iPhone provides wonderful localized services worldwide. Users’ location determines the features, services, and apps available within a certain area, as well as the tailored services offered by those apps. However, these location-based services also have limits and restrict your access to the Internet. Hence, many iPhone users want to know how to change location on iPhone for different reasons.

How to change location on iPhone

When using streaming services provided by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu, you may find yourself barred from enjoying the full catalog, and some videos may be region-restricted. Or you’re worried that your location data is exposed to strangers or hackers when your apps access your whereabouts every day. Given the aforementioned concerns, we present three useful tips on how to change location on iPhone using various location spoofers.

Why Do You Need to Change Your Location on iPhone

There are different reasons for setting up a fake GPS location on your iPhone, and you can benefit from changing your GPS locations in these aspects:

  1. Bypass geo-restricted services: As previously stated, many apps have geo-restriction. For watching videos or listening to songs that are unavailable in your region, changing your location on iPhone is the easiest workaround.
  2. Enjoy a better game experience: You can spoof your location in Pokemon GO and other AR games to catch more Pokemon and collect more items in a shorter time.
  3. Protect your locational privacy: Hide your true GPS location in Find My Friends and Life360 to prevent others from tracking you down.
  4. Get the best online deals: Many booking apps and websites may offer different prices for the same room in different regions. You can change your location on iPhone to get a lower price.

We've listed some benefits of changing locations on iPhone. If you share the same thought, let’s discover the details of how to change your location on iPhone in the following parts.

How to Change Location on iPhone with Apple ID

Changing the region on your iPhone is a direct way when it comes to changing your location on iPhone. Thus, you can download and utilize apps that are unavailable in your country. More importantly, it is totally free! All you need to have is your iPhone and Apple ID.

Are you ready? Let’s see how to change your location on your iPhone with Apple ID!

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and then click your name under the search box;

Step 2: Go to Media & Purchases, and select View Account;

Step 3: Enter your passcode to sign in, or use your Face ID;

Step 4: In the Account window, tap Country/Region and then hit Change Country or Region to select a country or region.

How to change location on iPhone

Step 5: Review the terms and conditions, click Agree, and hit Agree again to confirm that you want to change your location on iPhone;

Step 6: Choose a payment method and enter the payment information. Tap Next.

When you open your App Store, you will find the apps offered are in a different language and from a new region. That proves that you successfully change your location on iPhone. You are free to download those apps and enjoy their services.

However, it is worth noting that some location-based services are still inaccessible even though you have switched the region of your Apple ID because your IP and GPS location don’t change. As a result, it is not foolproof to bypass geo-restriction by changing the location on iPhone with Apple ID, not to mention hiding your real position. Besides, it is troublesome to repeat the process each time. Then, it is better to use other tools to change your location on iPhone.

How to Change GPS Location on iPhone with Location Changer

If you want to change your GPS location on iPhone, a location changer can help. Your current GPS position can be teleported to another immediately.

AWZ AnyPorter is a dedicated location spoofer to change your location on iPhone. It can accurately change your GPS location on your iPhone without letting others know. With this GPS spoofing app, you can set up a fake GPS on Grindr, Hinge, Snapchat, and other dating apps to know more friends. What’s more, it allows you to create virtual movement between two or multiple spots to pretend you are walking along the real road.



Make sure you’ve already downloaded and installed this program, then let’s discover how to change your location on iPhone with AWZ AnyPorter:

Step 1: Launch the application, connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, and unlock your phone to enter the passcode to grant permission;

How to change location on iPhone with AWZ AnyPorter
Step 2: Agree to its terms, then tap Get Started. Choose the phone you have plugged in, and click Next;

Step 3: After the map is loaded, pinpoint a place on the map and click Move. Alternatively, you can enter an address or coordinates in the search bar to set up a new destination.

How to change location on iPhone with AWZ AnyPorter
Then your current location has been changed to the new spot successfully! With only one click, you can change your location on iPhone to somewhere in the world, and enjoy some geo-blocking services is no longer your problem. AWZ AnyPorter is the best alternative to iSpoofer to spoof Pokemon GO locations, set fake positions on location-sharing platforms, and play pranks on your friends freely.

How to Change IP Location on iPhone with VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) can also help you fake IP locations on your iPhone. A VPN uses the Internet to connect users to remote sites through encrypted channels. It is optimal for masking your real IP address or accessing different streaming services across countries or regions.

Altas VPN is a popular tool to change your IP location on iPhone swiftly. You can use it for free and enjoy the services of streaming platforms in different regions. Its intuitive user interface helps you understand the workflow of each feature quickly.

Here is the guide on how to change your location on iPhone using a VPN:

Step 1: Open this location spoofer, click ACCEPT & CONTINUE if you use this app for the first time;

Step 2: Create an account and sign in;

Step 3: Switch on Quick Connection to randomly connect to an available server. If you want to choose the server in a specific area, click Server locations and choose a server you want.

How to change location on iPhone with a VPN

When you connect to the VPN server you choose, you will be notified that your connection is protected. It’s pretty easy to change your location on iPhone with this VPN. And its no-log policy can protect your online privacy. However, free users have limited servers. Only premium users can have better speeds and fewer advertisements. In addition, a VPN doesn't work well when using some location-tracking or dating apps.

To Sum Up

We have summarized three feasible methods for how to change your location on iPhone in this post. And we believe you’ve been familiar with each step. Of course, you can change the region of your Apple ID to get the app provided in other areas, but it is not a perfect solution to bypass geo-restriction. AnyPorter designed by AWZtool is your ideal choice to protect your location data and enjoy some geo-blocking services.

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