When relocating to a new place, the need to search for prospective job options arises, making you think about how to change your location on LinkedIn. This post presents three ways to solve the problem.

How to change your location on LinkedIn

While changing location on LinkedIn is the best way to make yourself visible to employers and recruiters in the new place, 'how' is the real deal. AWZware discusses the methods to change locations on LinkedIn for job searches on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android using the LinkedIn app settings and other methods. Stay tuned for an informative read.

How to Change Your Location on LinkedIn on PC (Win & Mac)

When you relocate to an entirely new country or region, you may plan to save time searching for jobs beforehand. LinkedIn location change feature is handy here as it lets you change your location to help employers and recruiters search for you in new places. Like changing your Instagram location, the guide is easy to follow.

Let's find out how to change city on LinkedIn in a few steps.

Step 1. Open your LinkedIn account on your PC or computer. Click the Me icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2. Then, tap on the Edit icon in the introduction section.

Step 3. A popup window will now display on your screen. Move down to reach the Country/Region section. Select the preferred Country/Region from the drop-down list.

How to change your location on LinkedIn for computer

Step 4. Finally, touch the Save button to confirm the selected location.

With these steps, you can quickly edit your location on LinkedIn and be more specific with your choice of cities and districts.

How to Change LinkedIn Location on Mobile (iOS & Android)

Now, you can easily change cities on LinkedIn using your mobile phone without hassle. The LinkedIn location change feature enables recruiters from new places to find your profile and increase your chances of work and visibility for relevant opportunities.

Check out how to change your location on LinkedIn for a job search in a few steps.

Step 1. Open the LinkedIn application. Touch on your profile picture and then select the View Profile option.

Step 2. In the introduction section, click on the Edit icon.

Step 3. Now scroll down to the Country/Region section. Choose the Country/Region you desire to take a job in.

Step 4. As per your selection in the above step, add a preferred City or District and the Postal code.

Step 5. Press the Save option to confirm your selection.

How to change your location on LinkedIn for mobile devices

Note: You can also select Use suggested location/Use current location if your current location is the place you want to update on your profile.

If the name of your preferred city does not appear as an option in the 'Locations within this area' field, you must enter a different Postal/zip code from the same city or select the closest primary location.

Bonus Tip: How to Change Location on LinkedIn Without Postal Code

You can use LinkedIn to change location for jobs on any device and edit your country, city, or district. However, a better way is to use a location spoofer tool like AWZ AnyPorter that can teleport the GPS location anywhere.

AWZ AnyPorter is an efficient and practical solution to change city on LinkedIn without requiring a postal code. This location spoofer app easily spoofs your GPS location to travel to any place in just one click without jailbreaking your phone. You can use it to hide location to prevent tracking, mock location to access what's new on social apps, or even fake location to find more matches on dating apps.

Here are some more impressive features of AWZ AnyPorter that make using it fun.

  • Easily fake GPS of up to 5 devices at once;
  • Seamlessly change location on iPhone and iPad;
  • Simulates real movement in a breeze
  • Record your historical locations and routes for easier management.

Find out how to change your location on LinkedIn for a job search using AWZ Anyporter in a few steps.

Step 1: Connect your PC and mobile

Connect your phone and PC/computer using a USB cable.

Step 2: Select a new destination

Once the map is loaded, your current location is displayed on the main screen. Pinpoint any desired place on the map or enter an address or GPS coordinate in the search box in the top-left corner. Tap the Go button.

Step 3: Change your GPS location

Your current location and destination will pop up in the sidebar. Click Move in the sidebar.

How to change your location on LinkedIn in AWZ AnyPorter

Why Change Location on LinkedIn

Many recruiters and employers use location as a filter when searching for prospective candidates, so updating your profile to your desired location can increase your visibility to relevant opportunities. Just be sure to clearly communicate your willingness to relocate or work remotely if that is the case.

Several benefits of using LinkedIn to change location for jobs are:

  1. Get a job in the new location.

When planning to relocate to a new location, searching for a job after reaching the new place can be time-consuming. Hence, you can change your LinkedIn location beforehand so prospective employers can easily search for you at the new location.

  1. Chances of an increased salary.

Updating your LinkedIn location usually creates a high chance of getting a better salary hike as prospective employers consider you to be from the exact location as theirs. There will be no issues with work permits and additional relocation costs for them.

  1. Get more job options.

When you update your LinkedIn location, your job options increase and you become eligible for the jobs that otherwise did not apply to your region or profile. Hence, access to more job profiles gives you better chances of growing and negotiating.

The Final Words

LinkedIn location change feature helps you change the current location on your computer and mobile devices. If you are looking for reliable options to alter or edit location on LinkedIn, we have offered them using the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android app settings.

However, besides knowing how to change your LinkedIn location, if you want to update all GPS and location-based apps, the location-spoofer tool AWZ AnyPorter can help you. It helps simulate real movement and customize the movement speed without any problem.


How do I change my job preferences location on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn change location is a great feature to help you easily change your location and fetch region-specific jobs. Here's how to change job location preferences on LinkedIn in two ways.

Method One:

Step 1. Open the LinkedIn Homepage and click Jobs in the top bar.

Step 2. Click Job Alerts in the left section.

Step 3. Create a Job Alert by clicking the Search option at the upper-left corner and typing the 'Job Role' and City in the following tab.

Step 4. Save the alert by clicking the toggle for Job Alert at the top.

Step 5. Now, when you go back to LinkedIn and open the Job Alerts section, you will find the newly created alert in the list.  

Method Two:

Step 1. Open LinkedIn and click the Pencil icon on your profile.

Step 2. Scroll down and click Country/Region to change your current location.

Step 3. Change the Postal code and add locations within the area (optional).

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