This post will help you learn the various methods on how to change the region on TikTok using reliable and trusted solutions. Using these methods, you can access popular social media platforms across America and worldwide.

How to change the region on TikTok


In April 2024, the US passed a law that might ban TikTok unless its owner, ByteDance, sells it. The House of Representatives and the Senate approved it, and President Joe Biden signed it. Before TikTok's not working in the USA came true and became a significant concern for users, they started seeking various ways to unblock the social platform so they could access their daily dose of fun and entertainment without a fuss.

Fortunately, you can change TikTok country to override geo-restrictions and open up more content. Let's understand them one by one.

1. How to Change Location on TikTok in AWZ AnyPorter

AWZ AnyPorter, a popular choice among users, offers a straightforward solution to spoof your location and change your TikTok region without needing a VPN. This user-friendly location spoofer program allows you to change the geo location of up to 5 devices simultaneously on any iOS device, whether it's an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

This location spoofer for iPhone can easily fake your GPS and create a customized route on the map. With this location spoofer, accessing geo-based services on your iPhone (without jailbreak) in a few clicks is a breeze. You can spoof GPS location with a virtual joystick and auto-walk on a specified route automatically.

Let's see how to change the region on TikTok with AWZ AnyPorter.

Step 1: Install and start the AWZ AnyPorter app on your phone. Press Get Started.

Step 2: Connect your phone and computer. Click Trust to continue.

Step 3: After the map loads and your current location displays on the screen, you will be in Flight Mode by default. Now, change your location by choosing a new spot.

Use AnyPorter

Step 4: Pinpoint a place on the map. Alternatively, enter a GPS coordinate in the search box. Then, hit the Go button.

Step 5:A sidebar displays detailed information about your current area and destination. Click Move in the sidebar.

2. How to Change Account Region on TikTok with VPN

iTop VPN helps unblock TikTok in your region. It changes your IP address to spoof your TikTok location settings and access the content without limits. As it is compatible with all devices, including iOS, Windows, and macOS, you can conveniently use it on any device and anytime without hassle. iTop VPN offers over 1800 high-quality dedicated servers worldwide to help you access TikTok and several other sites privately and safely. With this VPN, you can easily connect up to 5 devices and stream, game, or use social media without fuss.

Let's learn how to change the location on TikTok using iTop VPN in a few clicks.

Step 1: Download and quickly install the iTop VPN for iOS using the official site to begin the process.

Step 2: Click the Connect button and tap the Allow option in the prompt to add VPN configurations.


Step 3: Once connected to iTop VPN, you can access services like live streaming, downloading, or browsing on TikTok and other social sites or platforms.

Suppose you are looking for a safe solution to change account regions on TikTok, bypass geo-restricted services, hide your identity, or compare the best deals on e-commerce sites. In that case, you can check out more VPNs here:

VPN location changer

3. How to Change Account Region on TikTok with a SIM Card

Changing your TikTok region without a VPN can be a hassle, but if you're facing issues with TikTok not working in the USA and want to try a different method, using a SIM card is a safe and legal option. A SIM card can safely and directly change your location on Android and iOS.

TikTok's location tracking is based on your SIM card, IP address, and GPS, and it uses this information to update your location. By getting and using an international SIM card, you can change your TikTok region, but remember that you may need to turn off your phone's GPS tracking feature.

Use SIM card

Here's how to change the region on TikTok by using SIM cards.

Step 1: Get an international SIM card for the country you want to change your TikTok region.

Step 2: Put the SIM card into your phone's SIM slot.

Step 3: For the new SIM card to work, iOS and Android users must do the following:

  • iOS users must delete the TikTok app and then reinstall it.
  • Android users must delete the TikTok app's data and cache.

Step 4: Boot up TikTok and freely enjoy your newly loaded entertainment.

4. How to Edit Location on TikTok Post

TikTok allows you to edit posts after you have uploaded them. This saves you from the hassle of uploading them again. So, if you post a video without adding a location, the social platform may prompt you to add one to share more information about the place. You can search for a location to add to your post or choose one of the suggested landmarks or tourist places.

The procedure for changing TikTok location settings is effortless. Here's how to edit or change the location on a TikTok post in a few clicks.

Step 1: Open your TikTok account.

Step 2: Next, find the video you have already posted.

Step 3: Click the three dots and scroll until you see Edit Post.

Edit TikTok location

Step 4: Edit the description, hashtags, location, etc. on your post.

Step 5: Edit the thumbnail picture or any cover text.

The Bottom Line

Changing location on TikTok can be confusing and requires you to take some responsible actions. However, it is not challenging to do so. In this blog post, we've explored four effective methods on how to change your region on TikTok and bypass region blocks. You can use a third-party app or reliable VPN, change SIM cards, or edit the location on your post to spoof your region.

However, getting a SIM card can be tedious. Also, you may face several problems while changing location on TikTok with a VPN, like an IP address leak, a VPN unavailable for a particular country, or being connected to a server in the wrong region. So, you can try AWZ AnyPorter to spoof your location hassle-free. Now, it's time for you to take action and enjoy TikTok content from anywhere in the world.


Why can't I add my location on TikTok?

Often, you may not add a location to your TikTok post or discover videos related to a specific area. This may happen because the social platform may not have that location available yet. Or, it may restrict specific locations from being discovered or tagged in posts to protect the safety of its users.

Some regions allow you to add a location to your TikTok post. Here's how to add or change TikTok locations with a few clicks.

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and create a post.

Step 2: Click Location to search for a location on the Post screen. You can also choose one of the suggested places below the search bar or Location.

Note: The lists of places are recommended based on popularity and proximity.

Step 3: Click Post.

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