Learn the two best guides on how to earn coins in Pokemon GO: interacting with Gyms and purchasing them from the in-game Shop with real-world money.

How to earn coins in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is much more fun and has been an unstoppable force since its inception. What makes the game more exciting and enjoyable is the use of PokeCoins! Pokemon Go Coins are beneficial in the game because they can be used to buy premium items and upgrades, including clothing for your Trainer, permanent storage upgrades, and more. However, getting coins in Pokemon GO is still challenging, so users seek various ways to get PokeCoins.

Let's check the two methods to accumulate more coins for your game!

1. How to Get Coins in Pokemon GO by Defending the Gym [Free]

Even the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO has to be earned, and it does not come easy. There's only one way to get coins in Pokemon GO for free, which is available from Trainer Level 5. It involves taking over and defending gyms, so they remain in your team's color. This way, you can earn 1 PokeCoin in 10 minutes, which means 6 PokeCoins in an hour, with a maximum limit of 50 free Pokemon Go coins every day.

However, when you leave your Pokemon, you must consider a few factors, such as its defense stat, other Pokemon types already present in the Gym, and whether it will be taken over quickly. The number of PokeCoins earned will depend on how long your Pokemon stays in the Gym.

How to earn coins in Pokemon Go


Let us see how to earn coins in Pokemon GO by taking over and defending gyms.

Step 1: Find a gym in your area that's the same color as your team.

Step 2: If a gym isn't in your team's color, you can battle the Pokemon to take over it.

Step 3: Once a gym is in your team's color, place a Pokemon inside it.

Step 4: When your Pokemon is defeated, your PokeCoins will be delivered automatically.

Step 5: Save up and buy your desired item from the Shop!

Earn more PokeCoins in Pokemon GO faster for free by leaving your Pokemon to defend your team's guys. Just tap on a gym of the same color as your team and choose a Pokemon to leave in this Gym.

2. How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO by Purchasing

Many Pokemon GO spoofers can change your location and obtain new and exclusive Pokemon through raids and incubators. However, they cannot be used to get coins in Pokemon GO.

Instead, purchasing coins with real money is a more leisurely but slightly more expensive way to get more coins in Pokemon GO. You can invest cold and hard cash in Niantic PokeShop in exchange for PokeCoins. Many options are available, from 100 PokeCoins for USD 1 to 14,500 PokeCoins for USD 100.

How to earn coins in Pokemon Go

Let us see how to earn coins in Pokemon GO by purchasing them from the in-game Shop.

Step 1: Open the Pokemon GO game and click the Pokeball icon on the screen's bottom.

Step 2: Click the SHOP icon on the next screen.

Step 3: Scroll down until you find the PokeCoins section.

Step 4: Select the coin bundle you want to purchase.

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Extra Part: How to Earn Coins Faster in Pokemon GO

Gyms are the best way to earn free PokeCoins. But finding as many gyms as possible is a challenge. Now teleport your place to anywhere in the world and find secret gyms without trouble.

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Let us see how to earn more coins in Pokemon GO by traveling to distant gyms with AWZ AnyPorter.

Step 1: Launch AWZ AnyPorter. Then, connect your iOS device (iPhone) to the computer.

Step 2: Choose a new destination on the map.

Step 3: Click Move in the displayed sidebar with detailed information to change the GPS location.

How to earn more coins in Pokemon Go

Get coins faster in Pokemon Go with AWZ AnyPorter by teleporting to any place with a single click. This location-spoofer lets you do a lot more than spoofing geo-location. You can adjust the moving speed, record your historical locations, set coordinates, and simulate real movement without jailbreaking your device.

How Many Coins Can You Earn Per Day

The longer your Pokémon is in a Gym, the more you will get coins in Pokemon GO.

So, exactly, how many PokeCoins per hour can a player earn? With a PokeCoin earned every ten minutes, a player can earn 6 PokeCoins per hour defending a Gym and a maximum of 50 PokeCoins in 8 hours and 20 minutes. But you must know that there is a cap of 50 PokeCoins per day regardless of how many Gyms you defend, even if all the Pokemon are removed from all the Gyms you are defending at the same time.

It is worth noting that you can only have one of your Pokemon in one Gym at once. Though you can still have Pokemon in multiple Gyms, there is a limit of 20 Gyms you can place creatures inside.

Let us look at the chart below to see all the available PokeCoins options for purchasing PokeCoins from the in-app store.

PokeCoin Amount Price
100 PokeCoins  USD 0.99
550 PokeCoins USD 4.99
1200 PokeCoins USD 9.99
2500 PokeCoins USD 19.99
5200 PokeCoins USD 39.99
14500 PokeCoins USD 99.99

So you can either opt for the free version by defending Gyms or spend extra bucks to purchase your PokeCoins.

The Bottom Line

PokeCoins are essential for Premium Raid Pass, Max Revives, Max Potions, Poke Balls, Lure Modules, Egg Incubators, Incense, Lucky Egg, Bag Upgrade, and more. But how to earn coins in Pokemon GO is a real task. We have suggested two easy ways to help you get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO trouble-free.

AWZ AnyPorter is another handy tool for teleporting yourself to any corner of the world. You can spoof your geo-location on all your iOS devices and related dating apps, AR games, and social platforms with a single click.


Q. Do you get 100 coins if your Pokémon is in a gym for 2 days?

As you know, you'll earn one PokeCoin every 10 minutes your Pokémon sits in a gym, which is six PokeCoins per hour with a max of 50 PokeCoins in a day regardless of how many Gyms you are defending. But if you have a bunch of Pokémon and a bunch of different gyms, you hit this way faster. However, you can only have a max of 20 Pokémon in gyms at a time. This way, you can hit your daily limit of 50 way quicker.

To collect the free PokeCoins that your Pokémon has accumulated from sitting in the Gym, Pokémon needs to be knocked out of the Gym. So, if you find a secret gym up in the mountains where no one plays and you know you can have your Pokemon sitting there forever, it may accumulate 50 PokeCoins.

Your earnings will be delivered automatically when your Pokémon is removed from the Gym. If in case your Pokemon remains in the Gym at the end of the day, you will not get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO.

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