Pokemon Go is a renowned mobile game that involves AR (Augmented Reality) to give players a real-life gaming experience. It uses global locations, engaging the players to throw Poké Balls and capture the appearing characters on the game map. But have you wondered about the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO

In Pokemon Go's endgame, Legendary Raids are the center stage, and every player must train their Pokemons to win raids and PvP in the game and earn rewards post the battles. So catching rare Pokemon in special events and collecting items can help the trainers before heading for the battle. But the initial step is to find the best Pokemon for PvP. In this post, AWZtool discusses the nine best Pokemon in Pokemon GO, with their moves, defense, and category that can help you confidently win the game battles.

How Do You Choose the Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO

While choosing the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO can be challenging, we have sought out our list of some common standards to pick the best Pokemon from the following three aspects:

  • Moves and defense - Our list includes the best attackers and defenders to help you win the Pokemon raids and battles.
  • Overall Impression - Besides the attacking and defending ability, a Pokemon's overall impression is crucial in helping you pick the best Pokemon for battles.
  • Type Combinations - Different combinations of Pokemon influence the Pokemon's moves, defense, and other elements during a battle. So knowing your Pokemon's type combinations help you prepare for battles and PvP in the game.

Top 9 Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Here is the list of 9 top Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and get some of the best raid attackers in the game, let's look!


Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Blissey

Blissey is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO in the category of Normal type, which soaks up the hits and counterattacks effortlessly and is the final form of Happiny, evolved from Chansey. This pink-colored Pokemon's strength is defense, and it has the best Pound and Hyper Beam moves. It would be best to recognize Blissey's strengths in Gym as it stands strong on the frontline to weaken the opposition. Its abilities include Natural Cure or Serene Grace and Healer.


Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Mewtwo

When it comes to the best raid attackers, Mewtwo is one of the top 3 best Pokemon in Pokemon GO. He is a pure psychic-type Pokemon, vulnerable to Bugs, Ghosts, and the Dark. Mewtwo's greatest strength is attacking; its devastating psychic moves are confusion and psystrike. Despite a lower catch rate, Mewtwo is a great all-rounder to add value to your team.

Mega Scizor

Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Mega Scizor

Mega Scizor is another best Pokemon in Pokemon GO as it is the first Steel Type Mega Evolution. Scizor Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor activated using a Mega Stone(Scizorite), using the Technician Ability to boost the power of moves and hit 1.5 times more potent. Mega Scizor has tremendous attacking powers and outstanding defense in Bug and Steel types.


Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Lucario

Lucario is amongst the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO in the Fighting Steel category. Lucario into Mega Lucario with Lucarionite. Its inner abilities are Steadfast, Justified, Adaptability, and Inner Focus. It can sense the auras to identify the creature's thoughts and movements, take in its feelings from over half a mile, and control them.


Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Heracross

Heracross is another best Pokemon in Pokemon GO in the Bug/Fighting Pokemon category that evolved from a Mega Evolution. Its abilities include Swarm, Guts, and Moxie. It attacks its enemies by thrusting its horn into the opponent's belly, then lifts and throws him. With its Herculean powers, Heracross can throw an object 100x its own weight.

Shadow Moltres

Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Shadow Moltres

Shadow Moltres is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO in the category of Legendary Fire and Flying Pokemon, with Wing Attack and Overheat as its best moves. Though Shadow Moltres is vulnerable to Rock, Electric, and Water-type moves, he is boosted by Windy and Sunny weather. Fire Spin is his best fast move, with Sky Attacks as the best Charged Attacks following Overheat, and is one of the best Pokemon by type in Shadows.

Shadow Golurk

Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Shadow Golurk

Shadow Golurk is the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO in the category of Ground attacker, with Mud-Slap, Poltergeist, and Earth Power as the best and fast moves to beat out Astonish without breaking a sweat. As a Ground and Ghost type Pokemon, its Charge moves include Shadow Punch, Dynamic Punch, Poltergeist, and Earth Power. Though vulnerable to Ghost, Ice, Grass, Dark, and Water-type moves, Shadow Golurk is boosted by Sunny and Fog weather.


Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Terrakion

Terrakion is one of the best Pokemon for battling Pokemon GO, with Double Kick and Sacred Sword as its best-attacking moves. Besides the move combination having the highest total DPS, it is the best moveset anyone can think of for PvP battles. Terrakion has been a legendary rock-type attacker and fighting Pokemon vulnerable to ground, steel, fighting, water, grass, psychic, and fairy moves.


Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Vikavolt

Vikavolt is the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO as an Electric Type attacker in the Grubbin family that evolved from Charjabug. Its best moves include Bug Bite and are best used with X-Scissor for max general performance. Spark and Discharge are nice for Electric Type damage, with Mud-slap and Crunch as the sub-par choices, and Vikavolt is among the best bugs in Pokemon Go.

Extra Tip: How to Get the Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO Effortlessly

After getting the list of the top 9 best Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you might want to catch them to gear up for the raids and PvPs and win the game. As you know, all the best Pokemon should be caught from the wild or through participating in special events in Pokestop. So how to get good Pokemon in Pokemon GO can be worrisome. Here's where AWZ AnyPorter can help you with the game proceeds.

AWZ AnyPorter is a desktop location spoofer for iPhone that can help you to get those best Pokemons by changing your GPS locations on iOS devices (including iOS 16) without jailbreak and syncing the change to most location-based apps like Pokemon GO, Life360, and Find My. And fortunately, the developers won't detect the change, so your accounts won't be banned.

Major features

  • Fake GPS locations of up to 5 devices at the same time at a click
  • Teleports the GPS location to any Pokemon coordinates in the world
  • It enables you to customize the movement speed and record the location history
  • Simulates real movement for authentic movement

Here is the step-by-step tutorial to change your locations in the game:

Step 1: Download and launch the application on your PC;

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your computer system via a USB cable. Unlock your device to allow the connection. Then click Get Started and Next;

How to catch the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Step 3: Select the desired destination to travel on the map or enter the address/GPS coordinates in the search box;

Step 4: Click the Move button to change your location in the game.

How to catch the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Final Thoughts

If you are gearing up for the strongest Pokemon for battles, raids, and PvPs, we have discussed the top 9 best Pokemon in Pokemon GO with their moves and defense, type combinations, and overall impressions.

Furthermore, with AWZ AnyPorter, you can find and pick the rarest and best Pokemon from your place without traveling and confidently play the battle. So use AnyPorter today and spoof your GPS locations to get the top Pokemon.


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