For Pokemon GO players, it is always thrilling to pursue new or rare Pokemon. And completing each collection challenge is one of the most exciting events to stimulate your fulfillment during the game. However, except for your Trainer Level, location is an important factor for catching a rare Pokemon. Consequently, where are the best Pokemon GO coordinates to easily collect a shiny and even legendary Pokemon? Let’s keep reading.

Pokemon GO coordinates

It is not an easy job to hunt a rare Pokemon. Some of them are only available in a certain spot during a specific period. And where you live determines whether you have the most Pokestops in one place to participate in more raids. You need to locate the best Pokemon GO locations to find them. This guide lists some useful Pokemon GO coordinates to discover rare Pokemon, together with using AWZ AnyPorter, a little gimmick, to teleport your GPS location to the coordinates without getting banned.

Best Pokemon GO Coordinates for Rare Pokemon

There are different spots for Pokemon GO players to find rare Pokemon globally. In this part, we summarize the eight best Pokemon GO locations to help you catch Pokemon.

1. Pier 39, San Francisco (37.808600, -122.409800)

For every Pokemon GO trainer, you can never miss Pier 39 on your list. This beautiful place is not only endowed with a spectacular view of San Fransico Bay and the Golden Bridge but also the most Pokestops in one place. The Pokemon GO coordinates are the best place to catch water-type rare Pokemon and have a high spawn rate.

2. Budapest, Hungary (47.531227, 19.051859)

This is one of the best Pokemon GO locations with abundant Pokemon creatures. You can utilize this place to find shiny Pokemon such as Vibrava and Seviper. This spot for Pokemon GO still works in 2023. Collecting a shiny Pokemon is never a problem here.

3. Tokyo, Disneyland (35.6312, 139.8809)

Tokyo Disneyland is one of the best places to catch Pokemon, including Pikachu. The Pokemon GO coordinates are situated in Tokyo Disney Resort. It has the most Pokestops in one place and you can catch various Pokemon while enjoying the wonderful Disney world.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota (45.0301, -93.31957)

Minneapolis is one of the best cities for Pokemon GO players nearby. There are a massive amount of Pokestops and Gyms to help you complete your collection challenge. Meanwhile, this is a good place to find rare Pokemon.

5. Times Square, New York (40.7589, -73.9851)

Time Square is not just a famous tourist destination. It also serves as the best Pokemon GO location to catch rare Pokemon like Ponyta and Geodude. It has numerous Pokestops and gyms that let you battle with others.

6. Santa Monica, California (34.0090, -118.4972)

When trying to spoof the game, you can camp out in Santa Monica, the best place to catch Pokemon if you want to get spawns on the American continent. Then you can raid without worrying about the issue with overseas that your afternoon is their evening. The Pokemon GO coordinates have the most Pokestops in one place to let you collect more items.

7. Shinjuku, Tokyo (-35.691439, 139.697931)

When it comes to the cities having the most Pokestops in one place, Tokyo definitely tops the list. You can find an overwhelming amount of Pokestops and gyms for raids. As one of the best Pokemon GO locations, it has a crap ton of spawns that you barely need to change to another spot for Pokemon.

8. Sydney, Australia (-33.86271, 151.20894)

Sydney is a go-to if you live in Australia. The Pokemon GO coordinates are crowded with enough trainers for five-star raids. And there are tons of Pokestop and gyms across the area. It is a good place to find Pokemon on Community days.

When you try to spoof your location to an ideal place for playing Pokemon GO, remember this game has a soft ban to punish users who change their locations too frequently. You need a Pokemon GO cooldown timer chart to avoid being banned.

Teleport to the Best Pokemon GO Coordinates Instantly without Being Banned

Now you’ve known several Pokemon GO coordinates that are tailored-made for hunting shiny and legendary Pokemon. Then you must need a tool that helps you get to the best places to find Pokemon. AWZ AnyPorter designed by AWZtool is a reliable Pokemon GO spoofing app to change your GPS location to an ideal spot in this game. With a single click, your position in the game will jump to the entered Pokemon GO coordinates for rare Pokemon.

Major features:



Here is the complete tutorial for changing your location to the required Pokemon GO coordinates:

Step 1: Connect your phone to this location changer

Download and install this tool on your PC. Launch it and click “Get Started”. When the map is loaded, use a USB to connect your iPhone to your computer. Then, unlock your phone to allow the PC to access your mobile data.
How to change to the best Pokemon GO coordinates
Step 2: Teleport to the best Pokemon GO locations

When your phone is connected, make sure you are in Flight Mode (the default mode). Copy and paste the Pokemon GO coordinates to the box in the upper left corner and hit the right-arrow icon. Lastly, click “Move” and your location will be changed to the desired place to catch Pokemon.

How to change to the best Pokemon GO coordinates

AWZ AnyPorter excels in spoofing Pokemon GO and other popular AR games that require your GPS location. Give it a try if you want a shot at teleporting to the best places to find Pokemon while staying at home.


This guide introduces eight Pokemon GO coordinates for rare Pokemon. In these best Pokemon GO locations, you can either find the most Pokestops in one place or increase the chances to meet shiny and legendary Pokemon. Besides, AWZ AnyPorter lets you effortlessly switch to the best places to catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO.



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