As a Facebook location tracker, Messenger enables your contacts to check where you are by sending your location to them. If you are new to this app or haven’t used the location-sharing feature before, you might wonder how to share location on Messenger.

How to share location on Messenger

Messenger is one of the top popular ways to send messages to your friends and family with a suite of tools for communicating. This article focuses on the location-sharing tool and demonstrates how to share location on Messenger for iOS and Android users, as well as using a location changer designed by AWZtool to safeguard your location privacy.

How Does Messenger Location Sharing Work

Messenger rolls out 2 ways to share your location on Messenger: sharing a live location or sending a pinned location. Both ways require network connections and nearby cell phone towers to determine your exact location and show more details about it.

Sharing a live location means that your minute-by-minute whereabouts can be seen on the map by the one who receives it. Sharing a pinned location is to send a static point picked up on the map to your recipient. Now you’ve had a general picture of the location-sharing function, let’s move on to see how to share your location on Messenger in the following part.

How to Share Location on Messenger: Share Live Location

This Facebook location tracker allows you to seamlessly share your location on Facebook Messenger with family members and friends. When trying to coordinate with your friends, or showing others how close you are on the way to an appointment, sending a live location on Messenger is quite helpful.

Take a look at how to share your location on Messenger using the Live Location feature:

For iOS devices:

Step 1: Open this app and select the contact you want to send your location to;

Step 2: Click the location icon next to the message box and press the arrow sign;

Step 3: Choose Start sharing live location.
How to share a live location on Messenger
For Android devices:

Step 1: Select a conversation from your Chats;

Step 2: Click the More tab (the four-dot icon) and tap Location (the arrow sign in a blue circle);

Step 3: Hit Start Sharing Live Location.

Then you can share your location on Messenger continuously and it can be terminated at any time. However, one thing worth noting is that a Live Location only lasts up to 60 minutes. If you want the sharing to last for a longer time, it is better to share your location on WhatsApp, Google Maps, and other location-sharing apps.

How to Share Location on Messenger: Share A Pinned Location

Apart from sharing a live location on Facebook Messenger, this popular social networking app also supports sending a pinned location in a chat dialogue. This feature is widely applied to many scenarios. For example, when you want to meet your friends or family at a certain café, sharing a pinned location on this Facebook location tracker can easily direct them to the place you wish.

Read on to see how to share your location on Messenger as a static point:

For iOS devices:

Step 1: Launch this app and select a conversation from Chats;

Step 2: Hit the location icon and tap the pin sign;

Step 3: Click the red pin in the bottom right corner;

Step 4: Drag the map to let the pin be at the location you are going to share. You can use the search box above the map to locate the place and click it as well;

Step 5: Press Send location to share your location on Messenger
How to share a pinned location on Messenger
For Android devices:

Step 1: Open a chat dialog from Chats;

Step 2: Press the four-dot icon and select Location;

Step 3: Hit the pin tab in the lower right corner;

Step 4: Drag the map to let the pin be at the location you want to send;

Step 5: Tap SEND LOCATION to share your location on Messenger

That’s how to send a pinned location on Facebook Messenger. It enables you and your friends quickly get directions and you can flexibly change the shared location whenever you like.

Whether sharing a live location or a pinned location on Messenger is optional and these two features make it easy to find the way to your destination. However, besides the benefits, Messenger’s location-sharing feature can bring about a great concern: someone can secretly track your location, leading to the necessity of learning how to stop being tracked on Facebook Messenger.

Bonus Tip: How to Stop Facebook Messenger Tracking You

Messenger is used as a Facebook location tracker as well, helping its users to see someone’s location on this app. Your Facebook stories, the location-sharing feature, and the Nearby Friends feature can expose your precise position to people you are unfamiliar with. But, a little utility tool can quickly deal with this problem – AWZ AnyPorter.

This location changer is skillful at setting a fake location on your iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod) without being detected. It can trick Messenger think that you are geographically at the chosen place. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to stop others from tracking you on Facebook Messenger.

Major features:

• Share a mock location on Messenger in seconds;
• Generate a natural movement along the route you set;
Change your location on Snapchat, Bumble, Life360, and other popular location-based apps;
• No need to jailbreak;
• Support 5 devices simultaneously.

Discover how to share a fake location on Facebook Messenger:

Step 1: Download and install this location changer;



Step 2: After launching this app, click Get Started and plug your device into the PC via a USB porter;
How to share a fake location on Messenger
Step 3: Unlock the device, click Next, and allow your computer to access your mobile data;

Step 4: When the map is fully loaded, drag and zoom on the map to pin a location you wish;

Step 5: Click Move to switch to your destination.
How to share a fake location on Messenger
Then even when you are offline, your true location won’t be traced by anyone so your location privacy can be protected. Besides stopping others from tracking your location on Facebook Messenger, AWZ AnyPorter also excels in spoofing AR games, which helps you get rare items while staying at home.

A Quick Wrap Up

After reading this article, I bet you’ve known how to share your location on Messenger for both iOS and Android devices. Whether to send a pinned or live location, Facebook Messenger makes it easy to navigate the direction. If you are worried about location tracking through this app, using a location spoofer like AWZ AnyPorter can easily fake your location on iPhone without anyone knowing.



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