Have you ever seen the message “Pokemon GO GPS signal not found. (11)” when playing the game? It means that Pokemon GO can’t find your GPS location and the GPS in this game couldn’t function properly. This can be a great trouble as you cannot reach your intended destination. Then, how can you fix this problem?

Pokemon GO GPS signal not found

A stable GPS signal is vital to any AR game like Pokemon GO. Luckily, some easy practices can quickly fix the glitch. In this guide, AWZtool elaborates on eight solutions to the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found problem. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of squashing the bug.

Why Pokemon GO Signal Not Found

When the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found alter displays, you can’t let the in-game avatar move as you walk. Many reasons contribute to this error:
Why Pokemon GO Signal Not Found
• No network connections;
• Disabled location services;
• Lots of tall buildings influence the accuracy of GPS;

Once Pokemon failed to detect locations, the concept of the game loses its essence. So how can you fix the bug to keep a smooth game experience? The solutions are listed in the next part.

How to Fix Pokemon GO Signal Not Found Error (iOS & Android)

When Pokemon GO can’t find GPS locations, here are some easy tips to fix the error. Let’s check them out.

Check Network Connections

If you see the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found message, the first thing to do is to check your network connections. AR games access your location data via the Internet. Low network coverage makes GPS signals not available. Reconnect to the Wi-Fi or cellular data or move to a place with the strong network coverage.

Check Location Services

Another possible reason for Pokemon GO failed to detect locations is that the game is not allowed to access your location data. This often happens when you install this game for the first time.

For iOS users, go to “Settings” and navigate to “Privacy & Security”. Click “Location Services” and scroll down to choose “Pokemon GO”. Then let it access your GPS location.
Check Location Services
For Android users, tap “Settings” and go to “General”. Select “Lock Screen & Security” and click “Location”. Enable the location services, go to “App-level permission”, and switch on the toggle next to the game.

Disable Battery Saver

GPS consumes more battery when it is turned on. If you activated the battery saver, your mobile device disables several features, including GPS, to minimize battery usage. This leads to the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found bug.

For iOS users, swipe down from the screen and tap on the battery icon to turn the low power mode off. Android users can swipe down from the top and swipe left. Click “Battery Saver”.

Disable Battery Saver

Enable Precise Location

This is a good way to improve your in-game location accuracy when Pokemon GO can’t find GPS locations. iOS users click “Settings”, choose the Privacy & Security option, and hit “Location Services”. Navigate to the game and toggle on “Precise Location”.
Enable Precise Location
Android users need to tap “Settings”, press “Lock Screen & Security”, and select “Location”. Choose “Mode” and tap “High Accuracy”.

Force Stop Pokemon GO

Force-stopping a misbehaving app is a handy way to fix a bug. If your Pokemon GO failed to find your location, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and find the game. Then swipe up on the app to force stop it.

Update the Game

If the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found error is caused by the software itself, updating the game may fix it right away. Pokemon GO failed to detect your location if the app is lacking behind.

Reinstall Pokemon GO

If there is something wrong during the previous installation, bugs are inevitable when using the app. Hence, you can simply uninstall and reinstall this game on your device when Pokemon can’t find GPS locations.

Still Failed? Manually Set Your Location to Anywhere

When you read here, the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found error probably hasn’t been solved yet. Don’t panic, a smart location changer like AWZ AnyPorter has got you covered.

AWZ AnyPorter is a location spoofing app capable of changing your in-game GPS location to any place in the world without jailbreaking. It lets you manually pick a location in the game and move your character to the chosen place when it still shows “GPS signal not found” in Pokemon GO. If the above-mentioned solutions don’t work, this little gimmick offers an alternative method to fix the Pokemon GO not finding location bug on an iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Major features:

• Best mock location app to solve the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found problem;
• Teleport to the best Pokemon GO coordinates to catch rare Pokemon;
• Provide a Pokemon GO cooldown timer to prevent soft bans.
• Hatch Pokemon eggs without actual walking;



Learn how this tool can help you when Pokemon GO failed to detect locations:

Step 1: Plug your iOS device into a PC
AWZ AnyPorter
When you complete the download and installation, launch this iPhone location changer on your computer. Click on the Get Start button and connect your device to the PC via a USB cable. Unlock your device to allow the connection.

Step 2: Set your GPS location in the game
AWZ AnyPorter
The app shows your current location on the map. Basically, it now fixes the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found error. In case your location doesn’t display correctly, enter your address in the search box and hit the arrow. Alternatively, zoom in and click on the map to select a location.

Step 3: Change your in-game location
AWZ AnyPorter
Lastly, hit the Move tab to move your in-game location.

This application is the best solution to let the game system detect where you are when Pokemon GO can’t find your GPS location. The GPS bug won’t trouble you anymore.


We have listed eight practical methods to solve the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found bug. When Pokemon GO can’t find your GPS location, these tips can let the game go back to normal. And you can feel free to participate in Community Days, hatch eggs, or join raids.

If Pokemon GO still failed to detect locations, AWZ AnyPorter is the go-to for picking your current location manually. Give it a shot and it will dazzle you.



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