Despite using popular dating apps like Tinder, have you still not found your perfect match yet? Then, you should upgrade your plan to get a Tinder Passport right away and uncover the secrets to finding international love. It enables you to change your area/location and match it with other profiles around the globe to unlock your love. Now, whether you are seeking a casual fling or want to explore people with different cultures, this feature can be your jam!

Tinder passport

Induce the travel mode on Tinder and experience global dating by changing your location on the app. This article will guide you on the insights into this functionality, its price, and usage. However, if you want to change your physical location without anyone knowing or step out of your vicinity, AWZtool can be your best bet. Let's unlock your love globally!

What Is Tinder Passport

What is Tinder passport

Tinder Passport is the premium feature of Tinder's tiered paid service. Like Bumble's Travel Mode, Tinder shows you people far away and allows you to change your location to anywhere across the globe and swipe through profiles of people in that area.


How Much for Tinder’s Travel Mode

The travel mode on Tinder is a part of Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions. Therefore, you must get either of these premium subscriptions if you want to use it.

Tinder Premium Plans Price Features
Tinder Plus USD 14.99/month or USD 79.99 annually Unlimited likes

Unlimited Rewinds

Passport to any location

Hide advertisements

Tinder Gold USD 24.99/month or USD 119.99 annually See who likes you

New Top Picks Every day

5 Super Likes per week

1 Free Boost a month (Free monthly Boost is only available with subscriptions of 1 month or longer).

Everything you love from Tinder Plus

Tinder Platinum USD 29.99/month Message before matching

Prioritized likes

See the likes you’ve sent over the last 7 days

Everything you love from Tinder Gold

 Note: If you are over 30 years old, then the cost of the premium subscriptions would be slightly higher and it would also depend on your country as well.

Tinder subscriptions might not fit everyone's pockets. So, instead, you can get a cost-effective Tinder Passport alternative and change your locations to find more matches.

How to Get It

The feature comes in handy to change location on iPhone and Android. It is a feature of Tinder's premium subscription services, Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. You can upgrade your account and purchase the in-app feature to let Tinder set your location to anywhere with these steps.

Step 1: Sign up for Tinder Plus or higher.

Step 2: Open Tinder on your smartphone.

Step 3: Tap your profile icon.

Step 4: Tap Settings.

Step 5: Tap Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum.

Step 6: Select a payment plan.

How to Use Tinder Passport

When you use Tinder to change your current area/location, your profile instantly gets a "new user" boost. That means you will gain more views initially.

Let us see how to use Tinder to set a location.

How to use Tinder passport

Step 1: Go to the Settings or App Settings screen. Click Swiping in on Android or Location on iOS.

Step 2: Tap the option to Add a new location.

Step 3: Enter the new city you want to swipe in into the search bar.

Step 4: Select it from your search results.

Step 5: Hit the blue banner to activate the travel mode Tinder and change your Tinder location.

Once you have changed your current location, your profile will be visible only to Tinder users in that area. Also, your five most recent locations will be stored, and you can easily toggle between them by clicking on the city to change where you are swiping.

It shows distance, so a potential match can see how far away you are, even if you are miles away. Though you can change location as many times as you want, your profile may be visible for up to 24 hours to matches you've "liked" after you are no longer visible in that location. You'll be shown in your destination city until you manually change it, even if you log out and back into the app.

If you want to unlock matches on Tinder miles away at an affordable price, you can look for the best location-based dating app and pick the one that fits your needs. You will get the easiest and most reliable way to spoof your location on Tinder.

Bonus Part: Best Alternative to Tinder’s Travel Mode: AWZ AnyPorter

If you travel frequently and want to meet new people while at your destination, Tinder's location changer feature is likely worth the expense. Going from match to message to meet-up can take time, so why not have all the legwork done before you get there? A Tinder Passport can be an expensive bet, so you can consider an alternative to spoof your location without anyone knowing.

AWZ AnyPorter is an excellent mock location app that comes in handy to solve all your location problems. With one click, it can spoof, hide, and teleport your geo-location to any place in the world. AWZ AnyPorter has top-notch features that work seamlessly on all social and dating apps and AR games without intrusive ads.

How to use the alternative to Tinder to set location:

Step 1: Launch and start the location spoofer tool, AWZ AnyPorter. Click Get Started.

Step 2: Make a connection between your phone and computer via a USB cable.

Step 3: Unlock your phone and tap Trust on your device to continue.

Step 4: Pinpoint a place on the map. Or you can also enter an address or GPS coordinates in the top-left corner Search box. Click the Go button.

How to use Tinder Passport alternative

Step 5: A sidebar will show detailed information about your location and destination. Tap Move in the sidebar.

The Bottom Line

When you are free from the boundaries of your current geographical location, you get more freedom to find more human connections and get more matches in your upcoming destination city. So, if you travel frequently for work or if you like to go on dates when you're traveling for pleasure, then the Tinder Passport is absolutely worth the upgrade. However, the upgrade comes with a price that can be pricey for many users.

However, not everyone can afford such expensive plans merely for a single dating app. Instead, you can try AWZ AnyPorter, a great alternative to the travel mode on Tinder to set location is easier.


Can people see if you use Tinder Passport?

Tinder shows your profile to users in your chosen location, but your distance will still be hidden. When you change your location, after about 24 hours, you're no longer visible to people in that city. While no notification says you are using the Tinder Passport feature, your distance does show up for other users. So, obviously, anyone will automatically know that you are not in town yet.

While a paid feature does exist, allowing you to hide your location, having your distance hidden can be more of a suspicious activity than appearing far away.

However, it's important to note that Tinder's features and privacy settings may change over time. Hence, it is a good idea to review the latest information on their official website or supporting documentation for the most accurate details.

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