If you are an iOS device user playing Pokemon GO, you might wonder how to get to a place with many Gyms or Pokestops. To teleport to good Pokemon Go coordinates where players can find numerous Pokemon, Pokestops, and Gyms, a practical Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS is a big cheese. So here comes the question: which is the best spoofer for Pokemon GO on iPhone?

Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS

You may have the paradox of choice. Too many available options require more effort to choose when you considering spoofing Pokemon GO on an iPhone. Moreover, reliability and safety are important standards to pick a perfect Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS. This review presents seven useful Pokemon GO spoofing applications for iOS devices without jailbreaking. Come and check the list:

  1. AWZ AnyPorter – Best solution
  2. MockGO
  3. Dr. Fone
  4. iTools
  5. iPogo
  6. TunnelBear
  7. CyberGhost

Why You Need a Pokemon GO Spoofer for iOS (What Can It Do)

Different from Android devices, it is a little tricky to find a handy Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS devices since they are more technical and risky for jailbreaking. With a tailor-made spoofer for Pokemon GO on iPhone, players can easily spoof the game and teleport to any Pokemon GO coordinates to catch rare Pokemon on an unrooted iOS device.

AWZ AnyPorter – Best Solution

Speaking of spoofing Pokemon GO without being detected by Niantic, AWZ AnyPorter by AWZtool is the prime candidate. You don’t have to worry about getting soft banned while spoofing or jailbreaking your phone. This Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS flexibly changes your position to the best Pokemon locations. And the in-built cooldown timer prevents you from being banned during the game.
Best Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS AWZ AnyPorter

  • Best Pokemon GO location spoofer for iOS users to free download;
  • Multiple spoofing modes to teleport your location globally;
  • Pokemon GO cooldown timer to reduce soft bans;
  • Import and Export GPX files to save and read GPS data immediately;
  • Use the virtual joystick to move your avatar as you want.


  • Only accessible for iPhones.




Another Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS free download is MockGO. This desktop program is a useful tool for spoofing Pokemon GO. It generates virtual movement to let you hatch Pokemon eggs without walking. Besides, it supports importing GPX files to quickly teleport you to your saved coordinates with a single click.
Best Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS MockGO

  • Spoof Pokemon GO on your iPhone to find rare Pokemon;
  • Mark your frequently used routes or locations for better management;
  • Customize the moving speed to simulate different scenarios.

Cons :

  • Extremely limited chances to use the features for free users;
  • Exclusive to iOS devices.

Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone meets up to your needs to spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone. It provides various features to help you change your current spot to a new location. This Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS devices is also equipped with a cooldown timer to inform you when can you teleport to a new place after your last change. For your information, you can change the style of the map from roadmap to satellite.
Best Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS Dr. Fone

  • Offer handy tools for spoofing Pokemon GO on iOS devices;
  • Support multiple devices at a time;
  • Record every location you’ve searched.


  • Act slowly to load the map;
  • The 2-hour trial period still decreases even when you cancel the program.


The last desktop Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS users is iTools. The program can simulate a natural movement to help you catch Pokemon along the route while staying at home. Furthermore, it is not just a spoofer for Pokemon GO for iPhone but also a mobile data manager to back up your data on your iPhone to a computer.
Best Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS iTools

  • A capital Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS devices;
  • Fake GPS locations on iPhone without jailbreaking;
  • Transfer music and photos from your iPhone to a computer.


  • Somewhat expensive for spoofing Pokemon GO;
  • The UI is a little outdated.


What if you don’t want to spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone through a computer? Then iPogo is your ideal free Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS. This free-download mobile app enables you to straightforwardly teleport to a Pokemon GO coordinates with your iPhone. Free users can enjoy its basic location-changing services and it works seamlessly in the game.
Best Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS iPogo

  • Change location or auto-walk in Pokemon GO for free;
  • Catch more Pokemon with the Spawn Booster tool.


  • No direct installation on App Store;
  • A third-party app is required to install this spoofer for Pokemon GO, which may have security issues.

TunnelBear (VPN)

A VPN location changer serves as a perfect application concerning spoofing Pokemon GO on iPhone as well. And TunnelBear is one of them. As a free Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS devices, it offers 500MB of data per month and the same performance as a paid user. Then you can choose its server worldwide to teleport to a place with more Pokestops and Gyms.
Best Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS TunnelBear

  • Free data to spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone;
  • Keep your browsing fast even tunneling to another country.


  • No auto-walk to catch Pokemon nearby;
  • No Pokemon GO cooldown timer.

PrivadoVPN (VPN)

Another practical Pokemon GO spoofer for iOS users is PrivadoVPN. This free-download app provides various servers to spoof Pokemon GO without charge. 12 free servers are available around the world and every month it offers 10GB of free data. The user-friendly user interface makes you easily navigate to the country you want when spoofing Pokemon GO.
Best Pokemon GO Spoofers for iOS PrivadoVPN

  • Act as a free spoofer for Pokemon GO on iOS devices;
  • Block pesky ads and pop-ups;
  • Support unlimited devices for pro users.


  • Limited cities to change your IP address;
  • Can only teleport to a fixed place.

Final Words

We have summarized the seven best Pokemon GO spoofers for iOS users. They are easy to use and let you spoof Pokemon GO freely without worrying about soft bans. No jailbreaking is required so that your iPhone data are safe. And it is okay to choose a desktop or mobile spoofer for Pokemon GO using iPhones.

If you prefer a wireless connection when capitalizing on a Windows-based tool, AWZ AnyPorter is recommended as the optimal Pokemon GO spoofing app for iOS devices.



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