You want to jump to how to get unbanned from Tinder as you have received the message that your account is banned on Tinder. However, no solution would work unless you identify the exact reason why did I get banned from Tinder.

how to get unbanned from Tinder

Being one of the safest and most popular dating apps, Tinder has some strict rules and guidelines to protect the safety of its users. So, first, you have to check whether you have violated any terms and conditions or if there is any other reason for your Tinder ban. Now, in AWZtool, you will get all the information related to the Tinder ban and how to get around the Tinder ban.

What Is Tinder Ban? 

While trying to log into your Tinder account, if you cannot do that and receive an official message that your account is banned, it indicates that your account is banned from Tinder. With the Tinder ban, you can neither do nor check any activity on your account, as you can't even log into your account.

Why Did I Get Banned From Tinder?

To know why I got banned from Tinder, you must know that violating Tinder's community guidelines could be one of the most important reasons for your Tinder ban. So, you must check whether you have violated any guidelines.

Why Did I Get Banned From Tinder?

  • Sharing nude or sexual photos.
  • Harassing, insulting, or intimidating someone.
  • Involved in any prohibited speech content, including communalism, racism, etc.
  • Sharing copyrighted/ trademarked content without owners' consent.
  • Using a third-party app to automate your Tinder activity instead of your manual action.
  • Showing up with violence or disclosing private information.
  • Any business or brand promotion or solicitation.
  • Spam or scams
  • Minor age account or more than one account.
  • Impersonation or illegal usage.
  • Dormant account.
  • Violation of terms of use.

What Types of Tinder Ban Are There?

There are two types of Tinder ban people can experience on their Tinder account. One is known as the Tinder Shadowban, and the other is the Tinder ban. Tinder has implied these bans on any account for various reasons depending on the profile's activity, posts, behavior, etc.

Even though you get a ban confirmation message on your Tinder ban, in case of a shadow ban, the account holder has not been informed about the ban. You are not allowed to access your regular Tinder activity, like swiping, messaging, changing photos, etc., and your account seems inactive and invisible to others even though you log into your account.

Tinder Ban Vs. Shadow Ban

Even though two of these bans wouldn't let you use your Tinder account with its best benefits or activity, there are some differences between the Tinder ban & Shadowban.

Tinder Ban  Shadow Ban
You can see that your account is banned on Tinder while receiving your account banned confirmation message from Tinder. This is a passive way for Tinder to ban your account without letting you know that your account is banned.
You can't log into your Tinder account. Shadow account is a kind of alert from Tinder that your account is under monitoring and could be banned permanently.
You can't see or access any of your old photos, chat, messages, etc on your account. The main purpose of Shadowban is to alert you that you should leave Tinder.
Tinder Ban is permanent until you an appeal to the Tinder service and after banning your account Tinder retains your data in its system for 365 days. With this ban, you can log into your account but can't access photos, swipe for matches, can't receive or send messages, etc. It makes your account almost invisible.
Once you get banned from Tinder you can't create any new Tinder account with your existing detail. This ban last until you select your account completely and after your deletion, Tinder will take 3 months to delete your entire data from the system.


How to Get Unbanned From Tinder?

The Tinder ban is irreversible, and Tinder doesn't entertain any appeal for revoking the ban. However, there are some tips and tricks on how to get unbanned from Tinder. So, let's see how can you get unbanned from Tinder.

Option 1: Appeal to the Tinder Request Page

To unban your Tinder account, you can visit the request [email protected] or [email protected] > "Trouble with account login"> "Can't log in, my account was banned"> Give your information & reason about why you think that your account ban is unreasonable and a mistake.

How to Get Unbanned From Tinder?

You could explain the misunderstanding of your message by other users. You could ask why your account gets banned from Tinder since you have no idea about it. You ask for your mistake or any violation of rules that you may have committed unknowingly.

You can request Tinder to look into this matter with a promise that you won't make the same mistake again. So, Tinder might unban your account.

Option 2: Create a New Account

Creating a new account is difficult as Tinder and other dating apps will track your phone number & device' ID. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • If possible, delete or uninstall the Tinder app from your device.
  • Delete all the social media links or Facebook links from Tinder by following Facebook > Settings > Apps & Website > Tinder > Delete App.
  • You need a new phone number for the Tinder SIM verification process. To do this, you can buy a new sim, borrow friends' numbers, etc.
  • You must create a new email address, Google Pay account, or Apple ID.
  • You need to change your device or device's IP & ID address. To change your device ID, try a Factory reset, iPhone jailbreak, or Tinder's secure folder on Android. To change your Device IP address, you can use VPN, another Wi-Fi network, or a mobile hotspot from any new phone number.
  • You must use a new photo for your account. Otherwise, to use your old picture, you should edit it to make it unrecognizable to your new Tinder account.

Option 3: Use Tinder Website Instead of the App

Use Tinder Website Instead of the App

Using the Tinder website on your device through any web browser could be another way to access Tinder when you are banned on Tinder. To do this, create a new account using and provide all the new information you haven't used before.

How to Bypass Tinder Ban?

After creating your new account, you must follow a few tips and tricks if you want to bypass the Tinder ban all over again.

  • If you used to access Instagram or Spotify app along with your banned account, it's better not to use it all over again with your new Tinder account to prevent giving any alert to the Tinder platform of your new account.
  • You must write a new bio with a fresh, new, and inviting outlook without mentioning offensive words. The new bio content must not have any association with your previous account.
  • To pay for any Tinder premium account, you must use new bank details to bypass detection.
  • Follow all the community guidelines to avoid a Tinder ban on your new account.
  • Don't go for face verification so Tinder can't recognize you.
  • Don't give any similar information you have used in your previously banned Tinder account.

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To Wrap Up

If you are worried that your account will get banned on Tinder and you don't know how to get unbanned from Tinder, this article will help you learn how to bypass the Tinder ban. However, before trying options to remove your Tinder ban, you should try to find the exact reason behind your ban. This will help you choose the right option to eliminate the Tinder ban.


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