With some of the best Pokemon Go tips, you can get an edge in your gameplay over other players for a smooth gaming experience. This article will help you find excellent solutions on how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go with ease.

How to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go gamers know how difficult it can be to catch Ditto. Ditto is a Copy Pokemon that can imitate other monsters' appearances and moves. This powerful imitation ability makes it extremely hard for players to spot and catch the beast. Now the question is: where to catch a Ditto? Let's check them out!

Why It Is Hard to Catch a Ditto

As you already know, Ditto can only be found disguised as another Pokémon and can hide like any Pokémon. Surprisingly, it will even appear and act like the disguised mon. The only way to determine if it is a Ditto is to catch a Ditto field research. If it is a Ditto, an animation will reveal it upon capture.

While you may not easily physically distinguish that a Pokémon is a Ditto, if a Pokémon (typically an easy catch) gives you a tough time, it could be a Ditto. A Ditto has a lower catch rate, but it will disguise its catch ring colors with the Pokémon species it poses as.

Sol 1: Find a PokeStop that Ditto Might Spawn

You may wonder about where to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go. Ditto typically has a different CP range than the Pokemon it's copying naturally spawns in. It can also be much harder to catch, so use razz and better balls when you suspect one.

Despite seeing a Ditto, you may wonder how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go. Ditto usually spawns in a grouping. For example, if you come to a PokeStop and see a couple of mons or three of the same type, without it being an event day, chances are that it can be a ditto.

How to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go with Pokemon Go map

Also, Ditto does not have weather boosts like other Pokemon. If two of the same mon have a boost and the other doesn't, that's probably a Ditto. The same goes for a mon that should have a weather boost but doesn't. Pokemon Go maps will help you find nearby PokeStops to find and catch a ditto easily.

Sol 2: Lure a Ditto with an Incense

One of the easiest ways to catch a Ditto Pokemon Go is to lure it with Incense. While catching a Ditto is already a tough job, you can increase the odds by using Pokemon GO Lure Modules or an Incense in a Gym or PokeStop. These items usually increase the count of Pokemon appearing on the world map. As a result, this leads to more encounters and chances to find a Ditto.

You can even utilize the in-game item Incense and the Weather Boost function. Since a Ditto's spawn rate gets easily boosted in partly cloudy weather, you must attach a Lure Module to a PokeStop or Gym with these weather conditions. Then, activate an Incense and walk around that area.

How to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go with an incense

You can also use the Daily Adventure Incense to catch Ditto. It is an item granted once daily that is active for 15 minutes and generally attracts Pokemon that are not typically found in the wild. As long as the player keeps walking, Pokemon will spawn for 15 minutes, occasionally resulting in some rare catches.

You must get more Pokeballs to increase the chances of catching Ditto and other Pokemon.

Sol 3: Embrace the Catch and Release Grind

Still wonder about how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go? If you're trying to catch a Ditto, you will be throwing a lot of Poke Balls. Make the most of it by trying to check off throw and catch-related Research tasks as you go and racking up as much XP and Stardust as possible.

Don't forget, you can use items like Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs to maximize the benefits of all that relentless catching.

It would help if you also interacted with other players. Ditto spawns similarly for everyone in the Pokemon Go community, implying that if one trainer catches it, all other trainers in the same spot will also get a Ditto encounter. Common spawns do not last long, and you must quickly reach the desired location. To maximize the hunting time, you can activate items like Lucky Eggs and Star Piece that increase XP and Stardust received after catching a Pokemon, respectively.

Sol 4: Remember the Pokemon That Ditto Can Disguise

Another catch Ditto Pokemon Go hack is to find a mon that the Ditto can disguise into. Every time you see one of these common Pokémon, you should ensure you catch it to increase your chances of bagging a Ditto this month. To catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go, you must catch a Pokémon from the list of Ditto Pokémon disguises. The list of Pokémon that can be a Ditto in disguise changes occasionally.

Ditto can transform into 11 different Pokemon, spanning across the first seven generations of the series. The Pokémon Go Ditto disguises in May 2024 are as follows:

title title
Oddish Gen 1
Koffing Gen 1
Rhyhorn Gen 1
Goldeen Gen 1
Spinarak Gen 2
Numel Gen 3
Bidoof Gen 4
Gothita Gen 5
Solosis Gen 5
Bergmite Gen 6
Stufful Gen 7

Teleport to Any Place That Ditto May Spawn Around the World

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How to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go in AWZ AnyPorter

The Bottom Line

Ditto is a normal Pokemon that does not have any evolved forms. Also, unlike other Pokemon, Ditto cannot be hatched from an egg and can only be captured using a Pokeball. We have described various tried and tested solutions to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go, and you can try any during the gameplay.

However, if you are seeking the easiest way to catch a Ditto Pokemon Go, you must not refrain from using the location spoofer, AWZtool. It can auto-walk and simulate natural movement without hassle.

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