Pokemon Go has always been one of the most popular games in the world. It combines location-based and AR technology to create an exciting adventure based on the real world. Developers of Pokemon Go make new and extraordinary ideas and, among them, Transform Pokemon is an interesting one.

Transform Pokemon

Ok, now what is the Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go? How to catch it or where can you catch it? This page in AWZtool will answer all your questions, read to learn more!

Part 1: What Is The Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go? 

Since developers have launched many campaigns, players sometimes get confused about what this is and what that is, especially players who don't play for a while and then start playing again. So, what’s a Transform Pokemon? It does not mean that the Pokemon can transform into another one freely. It is a Pokemon, called Ditto, that can take the form of other Pokemon and hide itself. It actually looks like a puddle of water, slime, or melted jelly. And when you catch it, the original form will appear.

In the game, Ditto can copy other common Pokemon’s appearance. Therefore, you are likely to miss this relatively elusive Pokemon because of its ordinary form. For that reason, you need to know its disguises if you want to collect the Transform Pokemon.

What Is The Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Part 2: Pokemon Go Ditto Disguises 

After learning what is a Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you should check out its disguises. Do remember that their appearance is changeable, which means in different times, they may look different. If you want to add it to your collection, you really got to know what Pokemon can be Ditto.

According to the update in March 2023, Ditto can be found hiding as the following creatures:

Diglett, Grimer, Snubbull, Corphish, Starly, Roggenrola, Tympole, Litleo.

Pokemon Go Ditto Disguises 

A great way to do so is by following the official Pokemon Go news source, for example, the game’s blog and social media channels. Or you can search for Pokemon news and read blogs like this page.

Part 3: How to Catch Transform Pokemon - Catch Ditto 

Having seen what are Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go and Ditto’s disguises. Here comes the most important part, how to get a Ditto? Since its appearance looks exactly the same as its counterparts. Let’s see how can you distinguish it from others first.

Identifying Ditto from Other Pokemon

Trying to identify which is a Ditto is difficult, but you can still spot the differences between it and ordinary Pokemon in some subtle places. For instance, a disguised Ditto may have a slightly higher combat power than its counterpart and may be more difficult to catch than others. Paying attention to these small differences can improve the possibility to get a Transform Pokemon.

3 Ways to Help You Get Transform Pokemon

  1. Places that can find Ditto.

To catch Ditto in Pokemon Go, you need to focus on places with a high Pokemon spawn rate. Places that have many people, such as parks, shopping centers, and landmarks. These best places for Pokemon usually have more common Pokemon, and you now know that they are probably Ditto in disguise. That is to say, there is a higher possibility for you to find a Transform Pokemon.

  1. Lure and incense.

Lure and incense can be helpful when you want to attract Pokemon and increase the likelihood to encounter a Transform Pokemon. What you should know is that lure will attract Pokemon for all players near you, in the meantime, incense leads Pokemon only to you.

You can find these two items in the shop, or obtain them by leveling up and completing in-game tasks.

Get Transform Pokemon 

  1. Find it with your friends.

Dittos tend to spawn together across regions. It is better if you can work with the local trainers, or build up a team with your friends, then you can find Transform Pokemon together. If someone sees a Ditto in disguise, it will disclose itself as a Ditto to anyone else.

Part 4: Increase The Chance to Get A Transform Pokemon 

Pokemon Go is designed to encourage people to step out and explore the neighborhood. To catch and grow Pokemon, you need to walk to accomplish tasks and get coins. Also, if you want to collect Ditto, the Transform Pokemon, you will need to shift your locations. What if you don’t have time to walk? Then how can you jump to another spot? AWZ AnyPorter is here to help you!

AWZ AnyPorter

It is developed by a professional team that focuses on electronic technology for years. It is an iOS-compatible tool, you can spoof Pokemon Go fast and safely without jailbreak. It helps you get rare Pokemon, such as transform Pokemon(Ditto). With its intuitive interface, anyone can easily change locations with no effort.

Three Steps to Spoof Pokemon Go without Jailbreak

  1. Download and open this iOS Pokemon Go spoofer.



  1. Connect your devices to the computer with a USB cable.
Tip: Don’t forget to turn off location-based apps before spoofing.
  1. Select a spot and “Move”.

Let’s take the flight mode as an example. Select a spot as your destination, and click the “Move” button. You can try to collect transform Pokemon now!

AWZ AnyPorter

Features You May Be Interested

  • Cooldown timer for Pokemon Go players. In flight mode, you can check the cooldown timer to prevent your account from being banned when you’re catching Ditto, the transform Pokemon.
  • Multiple modes. Single-stop and flight modes allow you to shift from one place to another. Jump teleport and multi-stop modes enable you to travel along the route. In the virtual joystick mode, you can control directions and active auto walking.
  • Fast and safe. Change locations on your iPhone in just a few seconds with your privacy secured.
  • Simulate real movement. Toggle on the fluctuation mode, you will walk around the location to fake a person’s real movement.

AWZ AnyPorter

To Wrap Up

This page showed you what is a Transform Pokemon. It is a Pokemon that is disguised as other Pokemon. You have also learned how to catch them in three ways: find them in certain places, lure them, and collect them with other trainers. Furthermore, to increase the possibility to get one, the article presented you AWZ AnyPorter, a safe and easy Pokemon Go spoofer. Download and enjoy your game now!


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