In this article, we will find the five best ways on how to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go to enhance your gameplay. There is no worry of lacking resources to incubate the Pokemon you want.


Pokemon Go enthusiasts know the need for incubators to hatch an egg and understand it can be challenging to get enough incubators. The real challenge is where to get incubators in Pokemon Go - PokeStops, Gyms, in-app shops, through rewards, events and promotions, and so on. But is it that easy to earn incubators?

Of course, AWZtool will be constantly at your aid to help you reach any part of the globe without actually moving. Let us explore all these methods, including AWZ AnyPorter, to allow you to become a Pokemon master.

Method 1: Level Up

As your trainer level increases, you get closer to unlocking various perks and rewards in Pokemon Go, including valuable items. As you progress through the game, you get free incubators in Pokemon Go as a level-up reward. You can increase your levels by capturing Pokemon, finishing research tasks, joining raids, spinning PokeStops, etc. Engaging in these activities helps you gain experience points (XP) to assist you in leveling up and unlocking coveted incubators.

How to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go

In addition, the game gives you a free egg incubator when you hit levels 6, 10, 15, 25, and 35. On reaching level 20, you get 2 incubators; at level 30, you earn 3 incubators. You can get more incubators as when you hit level 40, you get four Incubators, followed by 1 incubator with each level from 41 to 49. Also, at level 50, you earn 5 super incubators.

Method 2: Spin a PokeStop or Gym

If you wonder how to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go, trainers can send and receive gifts by spinning PokéStops and Gyms. Additionally, the opportunity to earn up to 50 coins daily exists. The longer your Pokemon guards a gym, the more coins you can earn. Placing your Pokemon in gyms far from your usual play area heightens the likelihood of them remaining in the gym for an extended period. Leave a Pokémon in a gym for at least 8 hours to get an Infinite Incubator.

How to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go

You have the opportunity to earn 50 coins every day. You will get a Standard Incubator if you earn coins for three days. You will obtain a Super Incubator if you earn coins for four days. An incubator costs you 150 coins and can be used 3 times before breaking. Also, you can get incubators from Pokestops by going to PokeStops and spinning them.

You can get more incubators with the Pokemon Go trick. You can also traverse to any addition using a Pokemon Go map.

Method 3: Special Research Tasks

There are many Research Tasks, including Field Research, Bonus Research, Special Research, Timed Research, and Daily Research in Pokemon Go. You can get egg incubators by participating in the Special Research campaigns in Pokémon GO. Once a Trainer unlocks any Special Research campaigns, they keep that Special Research forever until they complete it.

How to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go

Trainers can get free incubators in Pokemon Go as rewards for participating in and fulfilling event-specific objectives. Tasks might involve catching a certain number of Pokemon or completing event-themed research tasks. Keep an eye on the in-game news and event notifications to stay updated on the latest events. Moreover, dedicate your efforts during these events to complete the designated tasks and earn incubators.

 Method 4: Events and Promotions

Despite the above methods, if you still wonder how to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go, you must keep an eye on the current events and promotions. From time to time, Niantic hosts limited-time events from the in-game store, including Community Days, Spotlight Hours, and themed events. These events often feature tasks, challenges, or milestones and can include discounts on items or exclusive offers on hatchlings, including incubators for trainers. Watching these events and taking advantage of them while they're active is very important.

How to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go

By actively participating in these game events, you can purchase hatcheries at discounted prices, freeing up your coins for other items or prospects. In addition, regularly checking the in-game store will allow you to stay informed of any ongoing deals or promotions.

You can get more incubators with the Pokemon Go Trick. Now, you can also earn more Pokeballs from Pokemon Go using the methods listed in this article.

How to Get More Pokeballs in Pokemon GO

Method 5: Purchase from the In-app Shop

Another convenient way to get more incubators in the game is to use PokeCoins and buy incubators from the in-app store. This method proves especially beneficial for seasoned trainers. Engaging in gym events enables the accumulation of PokeCoins by defending a gym with your Pokemon. To swiftly increase your coin count, target gyms with high turnover rates.

How to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go

Getting incubators is not enough; instead, hatching eggs is vital to striving to become the ultimate Pokemon Trainer. Pokemon Go actively promotes exploration of the surroundings to aid players in this pursuit. That's why users must walk distances ranging from 2 km to 12 km to hatch eggs in the game. However, for many users, this might not be a realistic option due to many reasons. In such a case, you can travel virtually to hatch eggs faster without physical stress with a Pokemon Go spoofer.

Bonus Trick: How to Get More Egg Incubators in Pokemon Go Efficiently

Now you know how to get more incubators in Pokemon Go to hatch the eggs. However, players who live in an area with few PokeStops or Gyms may find it difficult to earn free incubators. In such a case, they can spoof their geo locations and enjoy the game without traveling through physical distances.

AWZ AnyPorter is an excellent spoofer to change locations on iPhone. You can use the location changer tool to fake your location and customize the movement speed. Moreover, it records your historical location and routes for easier management. It lets you enter the exact address or the GPS coordinates to reach your destination quickly.

Here's a step-by-step guide to spoof your location and get free incubators in Pokemon Go.

Step 1: Install and launch AWZ AnyPorter. Then, connect your device and PC with a USB cable.

Step 2: Pinpoint a place on the map where you want to travel. Or, enter the GPS coordinates in the search box in the top-left corner. Click the Go button.

Step 3: Click Move in the popped-up sidebar displaying your current location and destination.

How to get more egg incubators in Pokemon Go

You can get free egg incubators at Pokestops effortlessly by using AWZ Screen Recorder and spoofing your location to any place in the world.

The Bottom Line

You can get more incubators in Pokemon Go to enhance your gameplay. It enables players to hatch eggs, obtain rare Pokemon, and progress within the game. We have offered 5 of the best methods to help you with how to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go. Furthermore, if you are looking for ways to hatch eggs without walking or need more PokeStops and Gyms to find incubators, AWZ Screen Recorder can be your best bet. It can change your location on your iOS device safely and conveniently without jailbreak.


Where do you incubate eggs in Pokemon Go?

There are various ways to get egg incubators in Pokemon Go. You can place the egg in an incubator, and the egg will hatch into a Pokemon as you walk. Here's how you can hatch an egg.

Step 1: Click the Main Menu in the Map View. Click Pokemon.

Step 2: Click Eggs at the top and choose one of the Eggs.

Step 3: Tap Incubate and select an incubator.

To hatch an egg, put the egg in an Incubator. You just have to walk around after your egg is in an Incubator. While Incubators can only hold one egg at a time, all other Incubators can be used thrice before disappearing.

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