No doubt, Find My iPhone is very useful. It enables people to locate their phones that may have been lost. But it also feels like you’ve been watched every time it is on. Sometimes you just want to run away and get some fresh air, so you need to freeze location on Find My iPhone.


There are many methods to make your location stay in one spot. This guide presented by AWZtool will show you how to pause location on Find My iPhone in several ways. Let’s check them out!

Can I Pause Location on Find My iPhone? 

It, in fact, will not cost much effort to pause Find My iPhone. Do remember that this feature requires a WiFi or cellular data connection to share your location with other people. If you disable them, instead of tracking your location in real-time, people can only see where you are when the feature is turned off.

But sometimes, it will prompt people that you are not connected which will make it seem like you are hiding from them on purpose. If you want to know how to pause location on Find My iPhone without them knowing, refer to the guide down below.

How to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone without Them Knowing 

There are two ways to pause Find My iPhone location. One is to use third-party location spoofers on iPhone, the other is to jailbreak your iPhone. The latter method is rather dangerous and may damage your phone, therefore, this blog will not show you how. You can take the easier and safer way. The coming part will explain how to pause location on Find My iPhone using a third-party location spoofer.

Here comes AWZ AnyPorter. It can easily fake your location on Find My iPhone without effort. The app enables you to change the GPS location wherever you like in the world without stepping out of your door. So, you can sneak out to meet friends or go somewhere that you are not allowed while other people will see that you are at home, school, library, and so on.

It is virus-clean and will not access your private information. Thanks to its lightweight, this app can run fast without lag. If you are interested, read the following guide to learn how to pause Find My iPhone location without them knowing.

Step 1. Download and open this AWZ AnyPoter.

Fake Location Now!

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

After tapping “Get Started”, your current position will be displayed on the built-in map. Click the phone icon on the left side, and follow its instruction to let the app access iPhone’s location services.

AWZ AnyPorter

Don’t forget to turn off all location services before changing your location.

Step 3. Tap to freeze location on Find My iPhone without them knowing.

Select a spot on the map as the destination, or you can type the address or coordinates in the search bar in the upper left corner. Then press “Move”. Now other people will no longer know where you are! The best thing is that they won’t even realize that you are hiding.

AWZ AnyPorter

Tip: If you want a more realistic way to freeze location on Find My iPhone, toggle on the fluctuation mode. It will simulate real-life movement.

Why should you try it?

  • User friendly. Pause location on Find My iPhone with one tap. If you have any trouble using this app, you can refer to its user guide or reach customer services.
  • Light and fast. Running without lag and it can make your location stay in one spot in seconds.
  • Simulate real movement. It will walk around the spot to pretend that you really are there.
  • Virtual joystick mode for Pokemon Go players. It allows you to play Pokemon Go without walking.
  • Built-in cooldown timer. Spoof Pokemon Go locations to anywhere you like and you won’t be soft-banned.

Other Tricks to Puase Location on Find My iPhone 

Of course, there are other ways when talking about how to pause location on Find My iPhone. Each of them has its own pros and cons, but they can all help you freeze Find My iPhone location. There will no long be a person who’s monitoring you every single minute. Follow the lead in this part and pause Find My iPhone location without hindrance.

Enable Airplane Mode

You may know that your location on Find My iPhone is shared through the network. Enable Airplane Mode and it will automatically shut down WiFi, cellular data, and Blue Tooth, so your location will not be sent to your friends or families. But you will also face the situation that you cannot do anything that requires an Internet connection.

Here is how to pause location on Find My iPhone:

Dragging down from the upper right corner of the screen and find Control Center, or go to Settings and toggle off Airplane Mode.

Enable Airplane Mode

Stop Share My Location

If you want to learn how to pause location on Find My iPhone while keeping the Internet connection, you should disable sharing your location from your iPhone. It will stop updating your location and will only show people your last position when you’re online.

To apply this method, go to Settings >> Apple ID >> Find My >> Share My Location. Turn off Share My Location.

Stop Share My Location

Turn off Precise Location

If you need a safer way to freeze location on Find My iPhone without them knowing, you can disable precise location on the iPhone. So that no one will notice you have moved to a nearby place instead of staying where you are. It will show an area that you may be in, like a city or a block, not a precise location. Here’s how to pause location on Find My iPhone by turning off precise location:

Go to Settings >> Privacy & Security >> Location Services >> Find My >> Precise Location, and turn it off.

Turn off Precise Location

Use this iPad as my location

If you happen to own another iOS device, you can log in to your account on that device and place it in a location that no one will suspect. This new device will replace your iPhone location and people won’t notice that you have already gone. Follow the lead to pause your location on Find My iPhone without them knowing.

Go to iPad Settings >> Profile >> Share My Location >> Find My >> Me, and choose “Use This iPad as y Location”.

Final Thoughts 

After reading this blog, you must have realized that freezing Find My iPhone location isn’t very hard. It is how to pause location on Find My iPhone without them knowing that makes people feel tricky. But with AZW AnyPorter, it’s a piece of cake. It allows you to fake Find My location instantly without effort, furthermore, you don’t need to jailbreak. What are you waiting for? Download and try now!

Spoof iPhone Location Now

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