Adding friends can be challenging, even for ardent gamers in Pokemon Go. In this article, we will help you with the six best sites that offer Pokemon Go friend codes.

Pokemon Go friend codes

Thankfully, many sites are in action to help you with Pokemon Go trainer codes, like Reddit groups, Discord servers, Instagram and Facebook pages, and websites dedicated to Pokemon Go. In addition, you can use the AWZtool to change your geo-location virtually to get friends on Pokemon Go regardless of the distance.

1. Pokemon Go Friend Codes

Pokemon Go friend codes site - Pokemon Go Friends Codes

Pokemon Go Friend Codes is a simple and dedicated Pokemon Go friend finder site that assists you with all the details and offers an array of over a thousand trainer codes. Once you visit the site, you can also submit your Pokemon Go friend code to its directory so other trainers can find it. Moreover, there is also a provision to look for other trainers and filter results based on their teams and locations. These UR codes also have a ready-to-go QR code for your convenience.

With the help of good friends, you can hatch more eggs faster in Pokemon Go. However, while adding random friends, you may land in trouble as you do not know who you are adding and their intentions. Thankfully, the site has some filters available, like team, location, and gift preferences.

2. Discord

Pokemon Go friend codes site - Discord

Discord is one of the best places for all gamers to play together and find Pokemon Go trainer codes by country. There are plenty of Discord servers that can assist you in finding new friends in Pokemon Go. You must know that some Discord servers are entirely dedicated to exchanging trainer codes, while others would also provide many other game-related details.

You can join these Discord servers and add friends in Pokemon Go.

  • Pokemon Go Global Community
  • Pokemon Go International Community
  • Virtual location
  • Pokesnipers
  • PoGo Alert Network
  • PoGoFighters Z
  • ZygradeGo
  • PoGo King
  • Pokemon Global Family

3. PoGo Trainer Club

Pokemon Go friend codes site - Pogo Trainer Club

PoGo Trainer Club is one of the famous and best ways to make a new friend in Pokemon Go and communicate or coordinate with them. It allows you to communicate with players worldwide to Gfit, Trade, Raid, and Battle, depending on your preference. You can input the name of any person or get results nearby and internationally. Each profile also details what this person wants to do, allowing you to avoid players who aren't interested in the same activities.

Also, PoGo Trainer Club conveniently lists players' Trainer Codes and Pokemon Go friend's QR codes to scan and add quickly. If you register to become a member, you'll be able to see trainers near you and trade Pokemon!

Bypass Pokemon Go traded distance quickly with this Pokemon Go friend finder, PoGo Trainer Club.

If you want to know all about Pokemon Go trade distance, you must check this article right away.

Pokemon Go trade distance

4. Reddit

Pokemon Go friend codes site - Reddit

Most of the Reddit subs are open and may assist you with Pokemon Go friend codes. Even some of the Pokemon-based Reddit subs have millions of members, making it easy to get friends on Pokemon Go on Reddit. You can join these groups and find the mega thread for exchanging PoGo friend codes.

  • PokemonGo
  • The Silph Road
  • Pokemon Go Snap
  • Pokemon Go Singapore
  • Pokemon Go NYC
  • Pokemon Go London
  • Pokemon Go Toronto
  • Pokemon Go Mystic
  • Pokemon Go Valor
  • Pokemon Go Instinct

5. Poke Friends

Pokemon Go friend codes site - Poke Friends

Poke Friends is another popular solution and one of the most renowned mobile apps, listing thousands of Pokemon Go trainer codes. You can easily register on the app for free and enter your Pokemon trainer code. Then, search for thousands of other trainer codes on the app. There are also different filters to find friends from any particular area or of a specific team to play with.

If you are looking for ongoing raids, you can use the Pokemon Go raid finder and join raid battles together with your Pokemon Go friends.

6. Pokemon GO Gishan

Pokemon Go friend codes site - Pokemon Go Gishan

Pokemon GO Gishan is a little more detailed site. It offers you Pokemon Go trainer codes by country and the level of each trainer, including which team they swear their allegiance to. You can make a new friend Pokemon Go from all regions without hassle. Pokemon GO Gishan also assists you with a translator so you can communicate with those who speak other languages.

Extra Part: Trade with Distant Pokemon Trainers in Seconds

AWZ AnyPorter is one of the most convenient and user-friendly ways to access Pokemon Go friend codes. You can engage in Pokemon Go trading without having to travel by using some virtual location servers, just like Discord servers. You can befriend other Pokemon Go players in far-off locations, but ensure they are on your virtual location server to trade with them. AWZ AnyPorter lets you shift your location to any location in the world. Also, it is 100% compatible with iOS Devices (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

Key Benefits of Using AWZ AnyPorter

  • Fake GPS of up to 5 iOS devices simultaneously without jailbreak
  • One-click to spoof Pokemon Go location or GPS location to travel to any place.
  • Able to create and move along a customized route to explore the unknown.
  • Hide location to prevent location tracking

Here are the steps to use this application:

Step 1: Open AWZ AnyPorter Pokemon GO location spoofing app on Windows after downloading and installing it.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device (iPhone) to the computer via USB and unlock the device to allow access from the PC. Then, agree to the terms and tap Get Started.

Step 3: When the map is loaded, click the phone icon and choose Next to complete the connection. You will be in the Flight Mode by default.

Step 4: Click on the map to choose or pinpoint an area or location. In the Change Your Location window on the left, hit the Move tab to fake the GPS location for Pokemon GO.

How to trade with distant friends in Pokemon Go

Make friends and trade with distant Pokemon Trainers now with the reliable Pokemon Go friend finder, AWZ Anyporter, and elevate your gaming experience.

The Final Words

That's all, folks! Now you know the best Pokemon Go friend finder sites to make friends in the game and expand your network. You can use Discord, Reddit, Pokemon Go Gisan, Poke Friends, Pokemon Go friend codes, etc., to win more battles and level up your game.

You can also use the AWZ AnyPorter to find distant trainers and trade with them by changing your virtual location. The program lets you spoof, mock, and hide your geo-location for dating apps, social platforms, and AR-based games without hassle.


Is it OK to add random people on Pokemon Go?

Despite all the friendship levels, you only need to be 'Good Friends' with a person to start trading Pokemon. However, you must use caution when you add or make a new friend Pokemon Go. Ensure you do not have any personal information in your username or profile. Also, avoid sharing Gifts with people you don't know.

You'll need to find your Trainer Code to add Friends. Pokemon Go is safe for all people, provided necessary caution is exercised. For instance, for younger kids, the parental control options for the Pokémon GO app offer a fair amount of peace of mind for parents. For older kids, the chat options present the danger of talking to strangers and even possibly predators.

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