Unlike Tinder and Bumble, Hinge allows its users to change their locations for free. You can match with people around the world wherever you are. However, Hinge doesn’t automatically update your location, making it inconvenient if you want to meet with someone when traveling. So you might be curious about how to change location on Hinge.

Hinge is a popular dating app that lets you change your Hinge location without any limitations. But it doesn’t imply that you can get matches in a new city or country as long as you arrived there because you need to manually change your current location. In this guide, we provide you with 4 simple practices to solve your problem. Let’s join the discussion below to see how to change location on Hinge.

Why Do You Need to Change Your Hinge Location

There are many reasons to change your location on Hinge and the most common one is to meet new friends near and far. As we’ve mentioned above, Hinge doesn’t automatically update your location when you’re traveling or moving to a new place, so you need to set up your new location in its settings.

Hinge's privacy policy

Yet, apart from this respect, another reason for changing your Hinge location is to hide your precise position. Hinge almost collects every detail about you, such as your height, education, religion, and location. It clearly states that your information will be shared with third parties for advertising, which puts your privacy at risk and might expose your real position to stalkers or hackers.

How to Change Location on Hinge Manually

To meet up with people in new places, Hinge enables you to change your location directly in its settings. Both iOS and Android can follow the same steps. Let’s see how to change your location on Hinge below.

Step 1: Open Hinge and click on the profile icon;

Step 2: Select “Preferences” > press “My Neighborhood” > hit “Go to current location”. Alternatively, tap and zoom on the map to choose a place you like.

Then you change your location on Hinge. In addition, you can update your location on Hinge with the following method as well:

Step 1: Go to Settings and tap on the pencil icon;

Step 2: Select “Edit” > head to “My Vitals” > click “Location”;

Step 3: Enter the new address, then hit Done to save the change.

Then you will manually change your location on Hinge to the new spot and now Hinge is ready to find new matches nearby.

Though changing your Hinge location is free, it will still collect your true location if you don’t utilize a location changer to spoof it. In the next parts, we recommend 2 GPS spoofers to fake locations on iOS and Android devices respectively.

How to Change Location on Hinge for iOS Devices

Speaking of location spoofing, AWZ AnyPorter is an excellent Windows-based application to set fake a Hinge location on your iPhone/iPad. With the location-changing feature as its meat-and-potatoes, this program is packed with different features to hide your true location and protect your location privacy. Besides, it offers a free trial to experience all features.

Key features:

  • 100% secure to spoof your location without jailbreaking;
  • Create a customized route to simulate walking;
  • Change location on iPhone swiftly;
  • Record all your used addresses for better management;
  • Support 5 devices at the same time.

Check how to change your location on Hinge with AWZ AnyPorter:

Step 1: Download and install this desktop program on your computer. Then launch it by double-clicking;


Step 2: Press Get Started, connect your phone to the PC, and select the device you just plugged in. Click Next;

How to change location on Hinge with AWZ AnyPorter

Step 3: Unlock your phone and enter your passcode to trust your computer. Then wait until the map is loaded;

Step 4: Drag and zoom on the map to put a pin on it. Optionally, enter an address or coordinates in the top search bar. Tap Move when everything is set up.

How to change location on Hinge with AWZ AnyPorter

Here you go! Your location on Hinge is updated. It’s pretty easy to master the features thanks to the simplified user interface. Moreover, utilizing this AWZtool-presented location changer, you can also fake your location on Find My, Snapchat, Grindr, and other GPS-restricted apps.

Note:Spoofing your location with this tool will change your GPS on other location-based apps such as Uber. You can reset to your true location by rebooting your device.

How to Change Location on Hinge for Android Devices

Android devices have more options when it comes to changing your location on Hinge. Among lots of location-changing utility tools, GPS Emulator has a good performance and it allows you to change your location on Hinge for free while protecting your true location. This app can move your GPS anywhere around the world without jailbreaking and it functions quickly to complete the task.

Key features:

  • Alter your location with 1 click;
  • Offer three map types to pick up;
  • Spoof Pokemon GO and other AR games.

Before using this app to update your Hinge location, it requires you to enable the developer mode to set it as the mock location app once you install it. Here are the steps to finish the task:

Step 1: Head to “Settings” > select “System” > click “About phone”;

Step 2: Tap on Build number multiple times until a prompt pos up and tell you that you are already a developer;

How to change location on Hinge with GPS Emulataor

Step 3: Back to “Settings” > choose “Developer options” > navigate to “Select mock location app” > tap “GPS Emulator”.

Then let’s read on to see how to change your location on Hinge with this software:

Step 1: Open this app;

Step 2: Click on the search icon in the upper right corner, enter the address, then hit SEARCH. Or, drag and zoom in on the map, make the compass point at your target place, and click the green pin.

How to change location on Hinge with GPS Emulataor

The job is done! This Pokemon GO spoofing app can accurately pinpoint a place and it is easy to understand. What’s more, this app is regularly updated and willing to squash bugs reported by its users. However, it is worth noting that it has lots of ads, and might snap back to your actual location occasionally, which can be annoying if you need to use it frequently.

Bottom Line

This guide covers 4 useful ways for how to change your location on Hinge and we hope you can find a suitable one to solve your problem. Although you can manually update your Hinge location in this app’s settings, using a location changer like AWZ AnyPorter can change your position and protect your online location at the same time.

title:Do I lose matches if I change location on Hinge?

content:No, your matches won’t be lost when you change your location on Hinge. Different from other dating apps, Hinge allows you to keep your conversation with all matches even though you update your location. It will only remove the conversation when you choose to.
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