Do you want to unlock a cute Sylveon to get the reward for the collection challenge in Pokemon Go? This post features a comprehensive guide on how to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO. You can own this cute little Pokemon effortlessly.

How to get Sylveon in Pokemon Go

Eevee is a popular Pokemon species due to its appealing appearance after the evolution. Players are even crazy about their evolution and shiny Eeveelutions. Among those Pokemon that evolved from Eevee, Sylveon won the top popularity. Here, we have a complete guide on how to evolve Eevee into Sylveon Pokemon GO using some easy and practical approaches. Stay tuned with us to turn Eevee into Sylveon without a fuss.

Sol 1. Use the Name Trick

Speaking of getting Sylveon in Pokemon GO, the easiest way you can opt for is the Sylveon name trick. You must name your Eevee something special here and use 25 Eevee Candy. For example, to evolve your Eevee into Sylveon, you must name your Eevee Kira and then have 25 Eevee Candy. However, if you already have it, then you must see Sylveon's silhouette over the Evove button in the Eevee's information.

How to get Sylveon in Pokemon Go with name trick

Before pressing Evolve, ensure you see Sylveon's silhouette. Doing so without confirming that the silhouette belongs to the fairy-type Pokemon could result in you ending up with another evolution.

Sol 2: Reach Great Buddy with Your Eevee (Most Common Method)

As naming your Eevee is a one-and-done, you need to search for other methods to get a Sylveon in Pokemon GO without the name trick," here's the most common method: reaching the Great Buddy level. You can turn an Eevee into a Sylveon by earning 70 Buddy hearts to unlock the Great Buddy level.

Swapping buddies will not reset your progress toward Sylveon, so feel free to change your Buddy Pokémon freely. Also, you'll still need 25 Eevee Candy.

Let's look at the Buddy system in the game with all the different levels, required hearts, and their perks:

Good Buddy: 1 heart

Great Buddy: 70 hearts

Ultra Buddy: 150 hearts

Best Buddy: 300 hearts

See this table with all the possible activities that help you earn hearts (with up to 10 hearts every day or 20 when 'excited') and the number of hearts players can get for each activity. You can use a Pokemon GO raid finder to collect the hearts.

Activity Process to Complete Daily Heart Limits
Walk together Walk approx 2km while your Buddy is on the map screen 3 hearts
Play together Rub in the AR mode until you receive a heart 1 heart
Battle together Battle in a Raid, Gym, with Team Rocket or another Trainer with your Buddy in your team while they are on the map 3 hearts
Visit a new place Spin a PokeStop or Gym you have not visited anytime before 1 heart
Take a snapshot Take a snapshot using the Buddy screen while in Adventure mode 1 heart
Give your buddy a treat Feed your buddy from completely hungry until it is full 3 hearts
Bonus Collect a Present or souvenir, visit a new location found by your Buddy, or spin a fully Powered-Up Stop 3 hearts


Sol 3. Get Excited Mood for Your Buddy

There are 7 Buddy Moods: Tired, Dull, Normal, Happy, Smile, Fun, and Excited. You can get the 'Excited' mood for your Buddy and quickly evolve Eevee into Sylveon Pokemon GO. When reaching Excited, your Buddy will gain double the hearts, and the walking distance required to collect a Candy will be reduced significantly.

You can maximize your Buddy's Mood and make them excited by collecting 32 points. Check out how to get a Sylveon in Pokemon Go by earning points through this table.

Actions Points
Walk 1.25 miles 3 points
Play 1 point
Feed 1 point
Battle 1 point
Visit a new location 1 point
Take a snapshot 1 point
Open a souvenir/present 3 points
Visit the location found by your Buddy 3 points

Note: Each action has a 30-minute cooldown except for walking.

The Name trick and Great Buddy level are the most straightforward solutions to evolve your Eevee into Sylveon. However, due to the weather conditions, taking a walk or visiting a new location may not always be possible. Instead, a smart way will be to use reliable software like AWZ AnyPorter and change the location on your device to simulate real movement.

Bonus Tip: How to Get Sylveon in Pokemon GO Without Actual Walking

You have seen the two best methods on how to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO. While the name trick requires naming your Eevee with 25 Eevee Candy, you must walk enough and indulge in other activities to earn Buddy hearts and reach the Great Buddy level. Instead, a better way to evolve Eevee into Sylveon Pokemon GO without actually walking is using AWZ AnyPorter.

AWZ AnyPorter is an excellent solution that lets your phone travel anywhere across the globe. Your avatar can auto-walk in Pokemon Go and free your hands. Most importantly, you can fake GPS of up to 5 devices simultaneously and spoof your GPS location in a single click to travel to any place. As it is fully compatible with nearly all iOS devices, you can effortlessly use it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch without any hassle.

Features of AWZ AnyPorter

  • Spoofs your location in one click in a few seconds;
  • It does not require you to jailbreak your iOS device;
  • Does not collect any personal information;
  • Moves along a customized route and explores the unknown.

Check out how you can use the AWZ AnyPorter to earn hearts and turn Eevee into Sylveon without actually walking.

Step 1: Connect the app to your phone

Launch the AWZ AnyPorter software on your PC. Then. Tap the phone icon to quickly connect your iPhone with a USB cable and create a connection.

How to get Sylveon in Pokemon Go without walking

Step 2: Select a direction you want to move in

Using the virtual joystick, you can use the controller to see which direction you want to go.

Step 3: Initiate the auto walk

Then, tap the blue triangle to initiate an auto walk. You can easily set the moving speed in the lower middle bar, choose a destination or area you want to teleport to and create a route.

How to get Sylveon in Pokemon Go without walking

Final Words

That's all, folks. Now you know enough about how to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO. If you already have Eevee, you can opt for the Name trick method or choose the more common Great Buddy way to evolve Eevee into Sylveon. However, both methods are time-consuming and require fulfilling certain activities to earn hearts and points.

Instead, AWZ AnyPorter is a better and more reliable way that lets you turn your Eevee into Sylveon from your home itself, i.e., without actually walking. It is a user-friendly method even beginners can use to evolve or get Syleveon in Pokemon GO without a fuss.


Q. How do you evolve Eevee into all 8 forms?

The simplest way to turn Eevee into Sylveon or evolve it into any of its eight forms is to rename it. Here's how you can rename your Eevee to evolve it into all its eight forms.

  • Rename Eevee as Kira to evolve into a fairy-type Sylveon
  • Rename Eevee as Linnea to evolve into a leaf-type Leafeon
  • Rename Eevee as Rea to evolve into an ice-type Glaceon
  • Rename Eevee as Sakura to evolve into a psychic-type Espeon
  • Rename Eevee as Tamao to evolve into a dark-type Umbreon
  • Rename Eevee as Rainer to evolve into a water-type Vaporeon
  • Rename Eevee as Sparky to evolve into lightning-type Jolteon
  • Rename Eevee as Pyro to evolve into a fire-type Flareon
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